Diaconate ordainment held in Hue Archdiocese and Hai Phong Diocese


In Hue Archdiocese, 13 deacons were ordained at a ceremony held on January 1 in Phu Cam Cathedral and presided by Archbishop Francis Xavier Lê Văn Hồng.

Attending the ceremony were Bishop Joseph Hồ Thứ, Director of Hue Grand Seminary, priests, clergymen and clergywomen, seminarians, Catholic followers inside and outside the diocese.

The ordainment of four deacons in Hai Phong diocese was held on December 31 at the Cathedral church.

It’s reported that the new deacons completed the Hanoi St. Joseph's Seminary in June 2014 and currently spending one year for pastoral internship as well as execution of deacon’s tasks at the diocese.

The diaconate ordainment ceremony was presided by Bishop Giuse Nguyễn Văn Thông of Hai Phong diocese and attended by priests, clergies and Catholic followers inside and outside the diocese.

Kiều Nga