Tay Thien Festival 2023 features many cultural activities


The Tay Thien Festival 2023 officially opened with many unique cultural activities, at the Tay Thien Relic Site, Dai Dinh town, Tam Dao district, in Vinh Phuc province, on March 6 (the fifteenth day of the second lunar month).

The Tay Thien 2023 Festival attracts thousands of tourists from across the country

The festival is held annually on the fifteenth day of the second lunar month, to commemorate Mother Lãng Thị Tiêu, who made great contributions to national defence and agricultural development, during the era of the Hung Kings.

The event drew a wave of people making pilgrimages to pray for a new year of good health, happiness, and prosperity.

The San Diu people eagerly participate in cultural activities

This year's festival opened with a series of traditional rituals.

The festival is scheduled to run for a total of three days and features a wide range of activities, including a folk singing contest, a rice cooking competition, and sports games such as tug of war, cock fighting, wrestling, volleyball and football.

Visitors enjoy the unique cultural products displayed at the festival

The festival is an opportunity for Vinh Phuc province to promote the beauty of the land, people and tourism potential of the province, gradually building the Tay Thien Relic Site into a top destination of the country.


Source:  en.nhandan.vn