Ramuwan festival of Cham Islam community in Ninh Thuan


Ramuwan festival featuring successive rituals of tending graves, an ancestor’s day, a Muslim vegetarian month, etc is the most important event of Cham Islam community. 

As reported, the Ramuwan festival 2023 of Cham Islam community in Ninh Thuan province is expected to be held from March 21-23, and the Muslim vegetarian month of the community will last until April 23.

On the occasion, provincial authorities in the province have issued a document asking local authorities to create favorable conditions for Cham Bani temples and Islamic mosques to organize the Ramuman festival.

A space for ancestral worship of Cham Bani community in Ramuwan festival

Cham people in traditional costume tending graves rituals

Tending graves ritual of Cham Bani community


Cham Bani temple during Muslim vegetarian month


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