Mother Goddess Worshiping practice and New Rice festival takes place in Yen Bai


The Thuong Ngan Mother Goddess Worship and New Rice festival took place on October 17-26 in the national cultural historical relic of Dong Cuong temple in Yen Bai province.

Dong Cuong temple located in Van Yen district’s Dong Cuong commune in the province includes the main temple, Lady Shrine, Gentlemen Shrine and Monsignor Shrine. The temple worships Cao Quan general, who are ordained worshipped as “Guardian of the country” by people and the king, and embodied as the Mother Goddess of Mountains.

Dong Cong temple was recognized as the provincial historical relic in 2000 and the national historical relic in 2009, and the festival of the temple was recognized as the national intangible cultural heritage on January 16, 2023.

Dong Cuong festival includes the Spring festive taking place in the first lunar month and the Autumn festive taking place in the nineth lunar month. The festival converges many cultural nuances, with the worship of agriculture gods, cultural and national heroes, the tutelage of the village and the Mother Goddess.

As reported, the 2023 festival featured six outstanding performances of “hau dong”, a procession of Mother Goddess of Mountains, “van” and “chau van” singing, an exhibition, a contest for making green rice, and traditional folk games, drawing the participation of 100 artists, mediums, ethnic people of Tay Khao and other communities in Dong Cuong commune.


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