Cha Mun festival of Thai ethnic group in Thanh Hoa re-enacted 


Cha Mun festival of the black Thai ethnic group in Yen Thang commune of Thanh Hoa province’s Lang Chanh was reenacted on April 16 on occasion of celebrating Vietnam's Ethnic Groups Cultural Day at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism.

Cha Mun festival, a traditional festival of black Thai ethnic group in Yen Thang commune, was held to give thanks to the gods, and pray for good health, wealth and a bumper harvest. The event is held annually on the ninth and tenth lunar month.

Some images at the reenactment ceremony:

Cotton tree (or Booc may) decorated with flowers, fishes, frogs, horses, boats, etc

Offerings prepared for the ceremony

A shaman performs folk ritual

After performing religious rites, shaman presents gifts and medicines to local people

Festival part consists sound of gongs, drums, boong bu, towel dance, umbrella dance by girls and boys around cotton trees...

Folk games demonstrate daily work of local people such as plowing rice field and rice pounding competitions

Guests are dancing and drinking “Can” wine together.

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