Association for Solidarity of Patriotic Monks in Can Tho practicaly contributes with social development of Khmer people


In the spirit of “Dharma accompanying with the Nation”, monks of Khmer pagoda in Can Tho city have actively joint hands with local authorities for improving the social, economic and spiritual life to Khmer people in the locality over the past years.

As reported, Can Tho city currently has 19,700 Khmer people mainly residing in districts of O Mon, Thoi Lai and Co Do, and 12 Buddhist pagodas with 130 monks, one association for solidarity of patriotic monks and one Buddhist institute of the Khmer Theravada Buddhism located in O Mon district.

Senior Venerable Deputy Head of the Patriotic monks’ solidarity association in Can Tho Lý Hùng presents Mid-autumn gifts to children in 2022

Over the past years, the patriotic-monk association in the city has opened Pali tenet courses and Khmer language classes in pagodas in order to both promote people's education and uphold fine traditions of Khmer people.

In addition, Khmer pagodas in the city also have a law bookcase for serving the dissemination of state laws and policies to monks, lay followers and Khmer people.

Preserving and promoting traditional crafts of Khmer people

For poverty reduction in ethnic minority areas, the patriotic-monk association has collaborated with local authorities in granting 4,600 square meters of land to 115 disadvantaged households, supporting farm land to 41 households, assisting employment opportunity to 447 workers, and providing clean water to 105 households.

The association has also implemented programs and projects for establishing traditional craft villages in order to better preserve and promote the traditional art, sculpt, knitting of Khmer people.

Patriotic monks’ solidarity association in Can Tho hands over sets of supplies to disadvantaged households


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Ngày đăng :16/03/2023