Women of the Bright – Verity Way church with tradition “service of religion and love country”


The Bright- Verity Way church is a sect of Caodaism. It had many contributions in the struggle for national liberation and reunification.

When speaking of the contributions of the Bright –Verity Way church, we should mention the contributions of women. During last years women have had many contributions to the cause of building and developing society and economy . They have held fast to orientation of Sacerdotal Council and they are worthy with motto “ Women are notgood at state, religious  affairsalso responsiblehousework”. This motto was proposed in the conference of women of the Bright- Verity Way Church  (1998- 2003).

At present  the Bright- Verity Way church has 49 temples. They are in Ca Mau (23 temples), Bac Lieu (11 temples), Soc Trang (4 temples), Kien Giang ( 11 temples). The Bright- Verity Way church has 33499 believers. Among them there are 19.672 women. More than 80 years , women and Sacerdotal Council have  incessantly consolidated and developed. Some women took part in the struggle against the enemies to defend country. They educated their children when their husband were in front. They are prides of the Bright- Verity Way church in particular and  of the tradition of Vietnamese women in general.
Through two wars of resistance against French colonialists and American imperialists , women of the Bright- Verity Way church   contributed  their bone and blood  to country to safeguard freedom, independence and happiness of people.
 After the South was liberated,  the Bright- Verity Way church held the Congress on 15th July, 1976 and determined its orientation in new period “successfully building and steadily defending Vietnamese socialism are the tasks of believers and charitable works offering to God, Buddha, Saints and Fairies”. With new orientation of Sacerdotal Council, women of the Bright- Verity Way church   continue to develop the tradition “service of religion and love of nation” in the cause of building and defending our country. At present, many women of the Bright- Verity Way church are trying  to raise their academic standard to get rich and stabilize their lives. At present, the Bright- Verity Way church has 5679 families to be recognized as “the cultural family”, “the typical cultural family”. The Bright- Verity Way church has many children who are learning in Universities. the Bright- Verity Way church has only 814 poor families. Women of the Bright- Verity Way church  actively propagandize the resolutions of Party Congress at levels, of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, of Women Congress,   and knowledge on national security, gender and the way to prevent social evils as HIV- AISD
The general achievements of the Bright- Verity Way church include contribution and sacrifice of women. The Bright- Verity Way church has 1490 martyrs including 100 female martyrs. The Bright- Verity Way church has 2 Vietnamese heroic mothers and 2 heroes of the people’s armed forces. The Bright- Verity Way church has been granted 1.715 the first medals, 662 the second medals, 515 the third medals and many certificates of merit. Now the Bright- Verity Way church proposes Government to recognize 119 mothers to be Vietnamese heroic mothers.
To promote the good tradition of the Bright- Verity Way church in two wars of resistance and the period of innovation, women actively take part in movement of developing economy, stability society and enriching social and cultural life. Many dignitaries, sub- dignitaries and believers of the Bright- Verity Way church take part in social organizations such as Vietnamese Fatherland Front, Veterans’ organization, the Women’s Union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union….At the same time, believers of the Bright- Verity Way church actively take part in patriotic emulation movements and charitable activities such as medical examination free, help people who are influenced by natural disasters and poor people.
Party and State consistently implement the policy to respect and guarantee the people’s right to freedom of belief and religion and encourage   all advanced activities for interests of country and people. Our Party and State always appreciate  and respect the achievements of dignitaries, sub –dignitaries and believers of the Bright- Verity Way church in two wars of resistance as well as in the cause of building and defending our country.
We find that, dignitaries, sub-dignitaries and believers in general and women in particular of the Bright- Verity Way church promote tradition  “service of religion and love of nation” and overcome all difficulties in their lives. They actively take part in productive labor to raise their material and spiritual lives. They carry out orientation “ for better secular and religious life”, “ The Nation is glorious, the Way enlightens” and “ Women are notgood at state and religious affairsalso responsiblehousework”
Tran Thanh Liem