Huyen Trang temple helps sick children


Each of us want to  have healthy heart to live and work well. But there are many children get heart disease. In Vietnam, there are 20,000 children get  this disease per year on average since they were born, most of their families are poor. They are not able to have  hundred million Vietnamese dong for surgery on heart. So many  children  need help from the community.

Understanding thoroughly the pain of children,  monk Thich Truyen Tu who controls Huyen Trang Pagoda helps 10 children who need to have heart surgery. Monk Thich Truyen Tu carried out many trips to look for children who get heart disease. He visits and encourages children after surgery.  Monk Thich Truyen Tu was present in most provinces of Vietnam. His desire is to help children who get heart disease to have healthy hearts. Although he and his temple  only help some children who get hear disease but  10,000  other children who are waiting for help in our country. His contributions reduce the burden for many families and bring joy to many unlucky children in the society.

Huynh Duc Duy gets  heart disease when he was born. He was very weak, often fainted away. He could not do anything, including homework. Knowing the heart of monk of Huyen Trang temple, his parents wrote a letter to ask the support of the monks and temple. Fortunately, Duy was operated  some months later. At present his health is good, he is in fourth grade. He can play as other normal children. Not everyone can receive the help in time before his/her disease becomes dangerous. Monk Thich Truyen Tu said: "Now 10 children need the help, but we only support 200 million Vietnamese dong for three heart surgeries, so we invite donations from public so sick children will get healthy hearts”. Every year Huyền Trang temple  donates billions Vietnamese dong to  heart surgery program. Huyen Trang temple  brings up many lonely old people but few people know that Huyen Trang temple  is not spacious. Monk Thich Truyen Tu said: “To save a life is a holier deed than to build a  seven  towers. The children have heart disease if they are not treated immediately, their lives will be in dangerous. Poor people have nothing to eat, how can they live? Human life is always most important. Although material facilities of Huyen Trang temple are in privation, children still have a place to sleep, have enough rice to eat, clothing to wear and go to school like  their friends, so we decide to help poor children and the elderly. We hope that benefactors can help us to build a clean and safe house for the children and the elderly".

What of monk Thich Truyen Tu says is also the desire of many poor families whose children get heart disease. We hope that many benefactors will help children who get heart disease have  better life.

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