Two Catholic villages emulate each other at enrichment


Two Catholic villages emulate each other at enrichment.

Two Catholic villages Dong Hoa I and Dong Hoa II in Thach Long commune, Thach Ha district stand out from other communities in Ha Tinh province because  their people not only "live the gospel" but also emulate each other at enrichment. Although their lands are not large, people of two villages know how to enrich their families and native land.

People of two Catholic villages enrich by many ways
In Lunar New Year we can see that Dong Hoa I and Dong Hoa II farmers work hard in the fields, the carpenters build furniture, boats for customers and many fishermen’s boat are going out to sea… but we can not see any young people. In recent years many  young people leave Thach Long commune to earn their living aboard.
According to incomplete statistical date of two heads of villages, in two Catholic villages Dong Hoa I and Dong Hoa II there are 581 households with 2,700 persons, but nearly 1,000 people are working aboard. In 2012, 580 people of two villages went aboard. Labor export has completely changed lives of two villages.
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoan in Dong Hoa II said: "Previously, people   in Dong Hoa II village earned their living as fishing, every family had at least one boat, but now we have sold out boat because fishing does not help us to have high income. Thanks to the labor export policies of the Party and State's, our children can go to foreign countries. Export earnings make our lives better". Many spacious houses which are built in this village prove that Dong Hoa village is very wealthy.
 Besides, the labor export, Dong Hoa’s people also know how to enrich by many occupations such as aquaculture, shipbuilding, bricklayer (to build) ... in two villages there are 40 to 50 bricklayers. They have stable income from 5 to 6 million per month per person. Shipbuilding and carpentry are the traditional trades of  villages which are promoted by people . Mr. Phan Trung Vinh , the director of Shipbuilding yard in Dong Hoa I  said: "in 2012 his shipbuilding yard had turnover of 2 billion. It helped 10 workers. One of them earn a month 5 – 6 million per month. Because his shipbuilding yard builds fine and good ships so it attracts customer everywhere.      
When young people are working in foreign countries, people who stay at home to take full advantage of trades which help local people to have high income. Everyone tries his best to get money. All villagers in two Catholic villages emulate to raise their lives. They not only develop economic level but also cultural and social levels.
On two cultural villages
 In March, 2003, the Dong Hoa I was recognized as a provincial cultural village. It was the first Catholic village to be recognized this title in Ha Tinh province. In May, 2005, the Dong Hoa II also received this prestigious title. The title “the Cultural Village” motivates two parishes to continue to strive.
Ms. Le Thi Thanh, Party Committee secretary of Thach Long commune commented: "cultural, art, sporting movements in two Catholic villages are very good. They are always on top of the commune. Under the leadership of Executive Committee, local movements are more and more growing. They help us to gradually erase the notion that it is very difficult to organize emulation movements in Catholic villages"
People in two Catholic villages take part all emulation movements which are deployed by local government. They execute well all policies and lines of local government
 All policies, campaigns at the local government level are fully implemented by two parishes with high responsibility. With the support of priests and Loc Thuy have contributed greatly to the development two parishes. So, the spirit of unity of villagers is consolidated more and more
Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan, head of Dong Hoa I village said: "People have a Charitable Fund. This fund annually appeals to the voluntary contributions of the people to do useful works such as building houses of gratitude, supporting difficult households, regardless of Catholic and non-Catholics…. In 2012 the fund contributed nearly  200 millions Vietnamese dong. It will support to build 2 houses for 2 difficult households in the village ".
Even the local governments are seeking to create jobs for labor exporters when they return village. However, we find that Catholics in Dong Hoa I and Dong Hoa II villages always  stand side by side with other people in Ha Tinh province in developing their villages and country. They contribute to the general prosperity of the nation. If the emulation movements for enrichment and cultural social development are carried out all over our country, our country will be better