Buddhist believers in Gia lai province carry out “living a good life and enjoying a lofty religion”


 Gia Lai province has 75 temples and  monasteries (40 temples are restored and newly built), 334 dignitaries, monks and more than 100.000 Buddhist believers. Temples have helped local Buddhist believers to  build a cultural environment. Buddhist believers apply the value of Buddhist morality and culture to their families. They  educate their children to do benefactions in accordance with merciful spirit of Buddhism
residential areas” and thecultural life in “Patriotic emulation movements in province”. Many believers encourage their children to study. They build their families to be happy families. They carry out regulations of villages, streets well. They try their best to build united relation between nation and religion There are many remarkable examples such as  Ngoc Trung temple (in An Khe town), Buu Son and Vinh Nghiem Temples (in Pleiku City), My Thach temple (in Chu-se district). Especially, Buu Tinh temple (in Ayunpa town) and Linh Quang Temple (in Chu-se district) have helped 200  households and 1500 J’rai Buddhists to practice religious activities  there. Buddhist believers not only obey  law and Charter of Buddhism but also execute Party’s policy and guideline and  State’s law. Buddhist believers find that interests of nation always connect closely to interests of religion and their  family. Monks and Buddhism followers have actively participated in the movement  of All people unite to build
On the other hand, Buddhism believers  have learnt new ways of doing business and applied advances of technology and science to  production to develop their economic families and reduce poverty. In province, there are good examples   in production and good ways of life “ for better secular and religious life” because of  efforts of Buddhist temples and believers, all temples in province  were awarded in the movement of building  cultural life in residential area. Thousands of Buddhist families were awarded title of “Family of Culture”. Buddhist believers and temples in province are interested in charitable activities. During 6 years, monk and believers have supported 4 billion Vietnamese dong and nearly 200 tons of rice to people in remote areas. They have  shared material and spirit to  disabled,  unhappy and homeless people . Besides, they also visited and gave presents to people in the Provincial Sponsor Center and patients in the hospitals inside and outside province. Typically, Buu Chau Temple (in Group No.2, Thong Nhat Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai) and nun Thich Nu Minh Nguyen have taken care of  50 children who are disabled, homeless children. Among them there is child to graduate  from university. At present he is working in Pleiku city. 
 We can affirm that  Buddhist believers in Gia Lai  have upheld patriotic tradition of Vietnamese Buddhism and  carried out the tasks for community life. They have built Vietnam Buddhist Sangha more and more powerfully in accordance with orientation “Dharma- Nation - Socialism”
Luong Thanh