Charity is showed by pratical works


Venerable Thich Thanh Can is well known in Hai Hau district (NamDinhProvince). He is Deputy chief of representative of district Buddhist association. He controls  three temples in   Hai hau district. He takes part in  charitable works and contributes to movement of building new villages

Monk is considered  as a Father

All fathers know that taking care of children is not easy work. It requires a lot of knowledge, skill and real love for children. When visiting Que Phuong pagoda (Hai Tay commune, Hai Hau) we are moved to find that Venerable Thich Thanh Can takes care 4 children the same time. These children were abandoned by their parents. Venerable Thich Thanh Can  adopted to feed them. Because he didn’t know their name, so he named  them as Thich Thanh Thanh, Thich Thanh Hung, Thich Tam Phuc and Thich Ngoc Minh. This year, Thich Thanh Thanh and Thich Thanh Hung are 5 years old. Thich Tam Phuc is 18 months old. Thich Ngoc Minh is only 8 months old.

He said that the first days he and his disciples met many difficulties in taking care of children so  they had to learn how to take care of children. During 5 years, he and 3 disciples have take care of children. He led us into their room and said that every night they sleep with the children on the floor together. The pagoda has beds but they don’t sleep on the bed because he is afraid of children falling on the floor.

When Thich Thanh Hung and Thich Thanh Thanh go to kindergarten, he and his disciples take the children to school. He lit camera system to manage children and pagoda.

Loving village with his whole heart

When talking with Venerable Thich Thanh Can, we find that he is really proud of his village (Hai Hau district is an unique district that had been granted  title of Hero three time. It is one of  typical districts in  the cultural movements. Recently, Hai Hau is  chose by the Central Government to carry out the model of building new village  along with 35/35 communes, towns)  He and  Buddhist dignitaries, monks and nuns have contributed to construct  and develop their village. He also has encouraged people to make a road for Hamlet 12, Hai Ha commune


He said that “when I see people build a road. I feel happy because my small contribution increases the solidarity of community ”

Recently, he mobilizes people to build 2 “Houses of Great Unity” for 2 poor families in Hai Tay commune. When women’s union of Hai Tay commune collects money to build a house for a poor family, they don’t have enough money to build this house. Venerable supported money to complete this house.

Committees, administrations and people always talk about Vegetable’s contribution in Study encouragement movement. Every month, Venerable always helps  30  poor students  in Hai Tay, Hai Dong, Hai Long, each student 50 thousand a month for educational expenses. Every year, on the occasion of New Year, he asks permission of local governments to hold meeting of students who study at colleges and universities and gives them gifts.

What Venerable Thich Thanh Can have done enhance human values of Buddhism, especially the spirit of loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity

 Trần Duy Hưng