Helping poor people is noble morality


Mr Dang Van Nhe was born in 1930. He is imbued with Buddhist teachings. He is elected as the chairman of Executive Board of Hoa Hao Buddhism, he is leader of group of sawyers in Tan Hue, Thanh Binh district, Dong Thap province. Although he is old, he still takes part in  charitable activities and mobilizes people to help poor people.

He lives a moral life . He tries his best to help people who meet difficulties in their life. He has found that  many poor family have not enough money to build their house.

Mr Dang Van Nhe and his close friends bought a power saw. It was worth about 47 million Vietnamese dong and mobilized many workers (from 30 to 40 people) to do in his group. Initially, his group cut the trees to make a chili crates; firewood was sold to bakers. Because of charitable work, many bakers bought firewood with high price than in the market. After long time, power saw was damaged so workers had not work to do. The mobilizing organization “a day for the poor” of Dong Thap province supported 10 million Vietnamese dong to buy a new machine. Group continued to operate and achieved good results such as: to build 743 “Houses of Compassion” (including 378 houses for other communes); to organize performance “golden heart” in his district; to support 7,000kg of rice (about 35 millions Vietnamese dong); to buy 2 ambulances; (110 million Vietnamese dong); to  built 2 robe bridges; (110 million Vietnamese);  to built 3 Houses of traditional medicine (120 million dong);  to built 260 coffins for poor people ((78 million Vietnamese dong). The total money was 2,649 billion Vietnamese dong. The mobilization organization “Day for the poor” of province has developed into 24 other groups in the province. Because of Dang Van Nhe’s prestige, the local government appoints him to act as  the chairman of Charitable Board. His aboard supports free rice and water  to patients in Dong Thap hospital. In the first day,  his board had no rice, no firewood, no money. He persuaded many people to give support to his charitable board. Now his board  can buy new facilities for taking care of the patients,  his aboard works scientifically.
His board consists of many people. In his board there are some groups. They try their best to reduce difficulties for patient. Groups provide meals for patients thoughtfully and politely. Executive board often checks and encourages groups to serve patients and patients’ families better. Total donation is about over 5 billion Vietnamese dong.
Not only Mr. Dang Van Nhe but also other people regardless of believers or non – believers, intellectuals, civil servants or farmers can do charitable work because charitable work are natural feeling and  inherent morality of the country. The charitable work will help poor people to overcome difficulties. During 20 years, Mr Nhe has had met many difficulties, he still dedicates his life to poor people and society. His example should be respected. He is chosen to report what he has done in  province. He is proposed to get certificate of merit by Prime Minister.
Tran Thang