A pastor devotes all his life to front’s affairs


During 20 years taking part in Vietnamese Fatherland Front. Visete Nguyễn Văn Hùng has looked after  Catholics in Phượng Bãi parish with all his heart.   Because of security of Catholics, he  has forgotten his private life.

“The leading sheep”

 We visited Phượng Bãi parish in Hà Đông urban district in a cold winter’s day. The bell of the church resounded. Mr. Hùng took us around the parish.  The concrete road of village remained unchanged, but hamlets’ names were changed into streets’ names.

Mr. Hùng is a “leading believer”  in parish . According to conception of Catholics  “Christian believer”  means “sheep”. The  herd of sheeps always follows the leading sheep so the  role of Mr. Hung  is very important. He is right hand of priest, He not only obeys Ten Commandments but also undertakes all affairs of pastoral council. Parishioners in Phượng Bãi parish have confidence in him.

He undertakes all important affairs of pastoral council  such as  holding holy ceremonies, palanquin parades, flower offerings…. He takes part in baptism, matrimony, death  anniversary, funeral ceremony….

 “ At present, society has many complicated problems I can’t fulfill my duty and devote my life to community if I have not faith,” he said.  Apart from religious affairs, he also undertakes many affairs  of Front
A  Devoted Cadre of Front

During 20 years, Mr. Visete Nguyễn Văn Hùng has been trusted by parishioners. He has been elected to be member of Committee of Commune Fatherland  Front, of Committee of Hà Đông Ward Fatherland Front and  Head of Board for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics of Hà Đông Ward. He spends much time in affairs of Front

According to him, 2003 was the tensest time. Inhabitant’s land in  parish must be revoked for building industrial zones and making roads. How   can inhabitants earn their living when their lands were revoked?  He  encouraged parishioners’ children to take part in vocational training courses. For well –to-do families, he encourages parents to let their children to go to universities or colleges. Some Catholics has opened restaurants, merchant services, food processing such as noodle-making or cake-making. “I advise them doing any job as long as it is true and profitable job.  Until now, nearly for 10 years, all the families in the parish have stable jobs and a better-off life. Parishioners have used compensative money effectively”  he said.

He told that Front’s affairs and pastoral  affairs  were not very  different  from. Catholic people should be harmony, and love each other. Each Catholic should have community spirit. It was also the spirit of the movement "All people unite to build a cultural life in residential areas" launched by the Front.

Phượng Bãi  parish has been a peaceful residential area, nobody violate law.   Parishioners are ready to help difficult people inside and outside parish. All religious and non-religious people in the residential area consider God’s teachings as motto for their lives. Parishioners try their best to carry out prayer of Saint Francis:
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

Where there is sadness, joy. 

Mr Visete Nguyễn Văn Hùng undertakes secular and religious affairs. He has many contributions to unity of religious and non religious people in Phượng Bãi parish.

Le Tu