The Southern Catholics in the national liberation revolution


 Executive Committee of the Southern Catholic resistance (Bac Lieu-Ca Mau). 
Photo: Documentation.
            "Thanks to the Party paved the way for the resistance for national salvation by the policy of national unity which Catholics have a chance to immerse yourself in the heart of the nation, will have a decent mass to mobilize Catholics fulfill their tasks and lay citizens, "said Mr. Tam Chanh (Le Van Chanh), former Chief of the Southern Catholic resistance from 1952 to 1954.
Many contributions to the cause of national unity
 Mr. Tam Chanh found papers, official documents, conference’s minutes ... tinted with carefully wrapped in the bundle: "All documents of Southern Catholic resistance located here. Some others left in ammo boxes in French war and buried in the parish in the Cái Cẩm Holy House (Ca Mau) still have not found ".
Between 1949, the Southern Catholic resistance coped with losses caused by the French. Dong Thap Muoi base is no longer "A.T.K" (safe zones) as before. "Agencies have to move slowly South to the West, Southern Catholic resistance also integrated into the movement," Mr. Tam said.
 "The deceased General Secretary Le Duan appreciated the role of the Southern Catholic resistance. Speaking at conference, he welcomed the spirit of urgency the conference to timely respond to the current complex situation that the enemy is trying to entice French Catholics from ethnic bloc, continued fratricidal scenes flesh remains. Southern Catholic resistance has contributed to the cause of national unity and saving people's sacrifices in the struggle for national independence. He also pointed the direction for the upcoming activities of the Catholic resistance "he told.
After Vịnh Chèo Conference, Catholic resistance Southern gathered most Catholics to joined in the liberation of unions and mobilize this potential contribution to all aspects of the resistance, get rural enclosure urban.
No sorry for blood and bones 
 Mr. Bay Hung (Nguyen Duy Hung, Chief of Southern Catholic resistance 1949-1952) sat sadly: "Many Catholics patriots who fell in the war of the nation." He said, in 1949, Dong Thap Muoi base, in the major military operation of France to found and destroyed the headquarters of the Southern resistance, Mr.  Trinh Cong Minh and Ms. Lam Ngoc Tuyen - Member of Executive Board Standing of Youth Union Southern resistance care to buried documents who have been shot dead by the enemy. After the sweep, we found their body, wrap in 2 small huts and buried amid the wild reeds.
Also Dong Thap Muoi base, between 1951, Father Mr. Pham Ba Luat and two disciples were brutally murdered by French enemy, until now it is bold in his mind: "the corpse of Father Luat and two disciples buried under in mud at  Cay Tam Vong field. When everyone known who crying. During his memorial service, believers are also hatred. "
In many time to speak some senior officials of the Southern Catholic resistance, we also heard about the heroic sacrifices of musicians Le Tran, author of "Tiến Binh' heroic echoes a time. In a major battle in District 8, an enemy bullet pierced his chest while he was writing songs in progress "Đứng lên". He fell down on the field, in clutching unfinished songs full. His mouth opened as to sing his song.
I joined the Southern Catholic resistance from a very young age. Catholics follow the revolution because they have faithful confidence. First, the confidence "goes into the heart" that we are the words “Independence - Freedom –  Happiness”. It is the goal of fighting the revolution, the needs and aspirations of the people and also the tendency of mankind. Now if anyone has asked their age and stature of the Catholic resistance, I can answer right away, on par with its age-old the Southern resistance (9 years), and stature as a mass patriotic movement of Catholics. It has contributed to the cause of our national liberation, "Le Van Chanh said pathetically.
Dr. Tran Huu Hop - Deputy Director of Home Affairs of Can Tho province said: "The work of Catholic resistance is that mobilize a patriotic revolutionary movement in the Catholic people, propagate revolutionary way of Vietnam Father Front, league for the independence of Viet Nam, material resource, food, medication support war and mobilizing youth for killing the invaders, consolidated and developed organizations, organize seminars to combat false allegations of enemies ".