Building cultural lives in parishes


During many years, Catholics in Nghệ An and Vinh city always execute all guideline and policies of the Party and law of the State. They do well the tasks of economy, culture, national defense in their localities. They actively take part in the patriotic emulation movements and for better secular and religious life.

When we came to Yên Duệ parish (Đông Vĩnh precinct), the first progressive parish in Nghệ An province, we found people lively prepared to welcome Christmas and New Year 2012. Following Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Yên, the head of pastoral council of Yên Duệ parish to visit Võ Văn Minh’s who is known as a rich family by making bánh chưng (square glutinous rice case) and labor export. In the past, his family was very poor. Since he decided to make bánh chưng his family’s economy has become better. At present  his three children are working in Korea, every month they send money to him (20 million Vietnamese dong/ person). Like Minh’s family, 17 other families in Yên Duệ parish also make bánh chưng. People can say that making bánh chưng has created jobs for many people and developed economy in Yên Duệ parish.

 When speaking to Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Niên, we found that in Yên Duệ parish there were 57 households . During many years pastoral council has combined with executive committee, Party cell and other organizations to propagandize and mobilize Catholics to execute policies, guideline of the Party and the law of the Sate and live  good life and a lofty religion.  In Yên Duệ parish there was serious incident, inhabitants ‘ lives were more and more stable. In 2012, per capita income was about 18 million Vietnamese dong.In Yên Duệ parish there was one poor family. 90% families achieved the title of Cultural family. Thank to economical development,   parents in Yên Duệ parish have been interested in studies of their children. 100% children went to school; 40 persons had Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. In Mỹ Thành bloc there were 19 members of Party, among them there were 5 Catholics. 9 Catholics of Yên Duệ parish took part in political organizations of bloc and precinct. Every year,  Yên Duệ parish rewards good students in opening school. In 2011- 2012 6 students passed into universities and colleges
Mr. Nguyễn Đình Hồng, a member of Committee of Fatherland Front of Vinh city said: in Vinh city there were 2.634 Catholic households with 10.973 Catholics, making up 3, 54% population of Vinh city. They were living in 140 blocs and villages. In Vinh city there were many parishes, 2  parish churches.
 During many years, Catholics in Yên Duệ parish have taken part in the campaign “ All people unite to buildthecultural life inresidential areas and live good life and a lofty religion” launched by Vietnam Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics. In 2007 1.688 households achieved title “ Cultural family” but in 2012  in Vinh city there were 1977 cultural families, 131 progressive residential areas, 4 cultural parishes; 100% households had means of communication.
The movements of art and sport have been developed in all residential areas. In 2012. 100% children went to schools, the rate of students who passed the exams of educational levels was higher than last years. In 2012 there were 563  good students and 103 students passed into universities. Many families had 2 – 3 children who were learning in universities or colleges. 100% parishes were interested in raising funds to encourage study of children. At the end of school year, parishes award presents to excellent students; poor students are supported cost of tuition. Many family in Yên Duệ, Trung Mỹ, An Hậu… parish have not three children.
On the occasion of Christmas 2012, Vinh city gave presents to pastoral Council, key Catholics and Catholic members of Vietnamese Communist Party. Many organizations hold cultural exchange between parishes to  have peaceful and happy Christmas
Nghe An newspaper