Effective combination with religious organization


 The population committee and the leaders of religious groups have good combination in propagation of various methods of contraception. In Map village  (Ea Pok town, Cu’Mgar district, Dak Lak province) there are  389 households with 2,215 people.  Among them there are  90% ethnic people ,  70% of ethnic people  are Protestants. Their cultural standards are not the same. Their lives are very difficult.

In the past, mobilizing people to implement family planning was very difficult because they were influenced by customs. Religious believers venerated the leaders of missionary groups, they listened to leader’s advices than their parents.

 From the fact , Population and Family Planning Committee of Ea Pok town and some collaborators of Map village  have combined with leaders of Protestant groups to propagandize the population policy and  the ordinance on the population to local people. They also propagandize  reproductive healthcare to local women. Propaganda is  introduced in  sermons which held regularly 2 times a month at the village. In addition, the population committee of the town  has cooperated with leaders  of Protestant groups  to advise Protestant households on reproductive health care and family planning.

The population committee of Ea Pok town invites leaders of Protestant groups to take part in the training course  on population affairs . The aim of the population committee is to improve knowledge of leaders of  Protestant groups  on family when they return villages  they can communicate what they had learn  to their villagers  most effectively. Mr. Y Roa Kbuor - Deputy Leader of Protestants group of Map village  said: in recent years, our villagers know better how to use contraceptive methods, particularly the young couples practice birth control.

 Mr. Y’Nguu Eban and Ms. H’Huong Adang in Map village are Protestants. They found that having  many children is cause of poverty so they decide to have two children.  The elder is in  the 10th grade. The younger is in the  6th grade. His family’s life relies on 6 poles of coffee and 1.5 poles of rice. Because  he has few children, his family’s economy is stable.  Family of Mr. Y’Tin Êban  and Mrs. H’Trinh Niê is also a religious family. Their family is difficult so they have one child.  H'Trinh said her family is only interested in bringing up her child better. When her family’s economy is better, she will have another child. In fact, many couples do not use the modern contraceptive method  because they are afraid of  that they make an error. But Map village of Ea Pok town showed the good combination of   the population committee and the leaders of Protestant groups. After 2 years of combination (from 2010 to present), the percentage of women  at the age from 15 to 49 years old who use modern contraceptive methods has increased from 25% to 41%. This combination should be deployed and implemented  regularly in many places,  in Cu’Mgar district in particular and Dak Lak in general  where have many religious believers are living

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