Lao Consul General delegation pays visit to Tam Bao Pagoda in Da Nang city


A delegation from the Consulate General of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic led by General Consulate Lienseng Phengsavath paid on September 29 a visit to Tam Bao Pagoda located in Binh Hien ward of Da Nang city’s Hai Chau district on occasion of the summer retreat of Theravada Buddhism.

During the visit, the Lao delegation with traditional costumes conducted traditional Buddhist rites, as well as prayers for peace and blessings extended to Buddhist community and people.

During the event, the abbot of Tam Bao Pagoda led the ritual of taking Three Refuses and Five Precepts, and a Lao monk guided Lao delegation performed offering rites in Pali language and wrist-tying ceremony for the Lao delegation.

According to traditions of Theravada Buddhism, the summer retreat starts on the full moon of the sixth lunar month, and lasts until the sixteenth of the ninth lunar month with Kathina (Robe-offering) ceremony. 


Minh Lan