Connect to the Muslim countries


 "Islamic culture can be expressed in many different aspects, but in general it creates a stable social, order and discipline, which is the development of a sense of followers". It was reviewed by Vice chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs Mr. Pham Huy Tho after a working visit to Iran within the framework of Project of Islamic Studies and Islamic culture, to advise the Government to expand and develop diplomatic relations with Muslim countries, using religion as a bridge to expand into other areas.

Mosque in Qom, Iran

 Iran has a special sympathy with Vietnam

Can you tell us the purpose of the recent visit to Iran?
- In 2009, Prime Minister of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs implemented Islamic Studies and Islamic culture project, to advise the Prime Minister and the Government to expand and develop diplomatic relations with Muslim countries. Under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the consent of the Minister of Home Affairs, we have established an interdisciplinary team, including representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Home Affairs chaired by the Government Committee for Religious Affairs.
 Firstly, Recent visit to Iran (from December, 14th to 22th 2011) research deeply about Islam in Iran - the country has 98% Muslim population. Secondly, we study the system of legal and policies related to state religion. Thirdly, study of Islamic culture, or more broadly cultural Iran - an Islamic country. Fourthly, that is the exchange cooperation in the field of religion, later expanded into other areas. We chose the study of Islam and Islamic culture as a bridge to other areas as cultural, diplomatic and economic.
How his impressive as well as members of the delegation of Iran and Iranian like?
- First of all, Iran is a country which has special sympathy with Vietnam, so in speech, everyone is saying, "From the depth of my heart, express love and admiration for the Vietnamese". Second, although Iran is under siege and embargo, but we feel that the life still remains stable, peaceful, and growing. He say "the victory of Vietnam before the imperial powers, feudalism is motivation, tremendous cheering for us. The reason we are calm because we are thinking of Vietnam. "
How is the two countries cooperation now, sir?
- The relations between Iran and Vietnam are still limited and not commensurate with the potential of both. As exchange of import and export turnover last year reached about $ 150 million. Essence of the problem is that a little of Vietnamese knows Persian, Farsi and Vietnamese dictionary did not have. Now, that have a group of students, graduate students of the Social Sciences and Humanities university, VNU, Hanoi opened Iran class in Vietnam, teaching Farsi for students, making Farsi – Vietnamese dictionary. .This will be a move to help expand relations between the two countries.
Islamic culture creates stable society, order and rules
Before Iran, we visit to the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Brunei. So, how different are between Islamic culture and other Muslim countries, sir?
The key difference between Islamic Iran and other Islamic countries, Iran is the only country in the world that has institutionalized Islamic Republic. Islamic Republic means that it’s religion as creating a state, a polity. The legal system of the State comes from Islamic law and the Koran. The Iranians are very proud of this, in the speeches they said they wanted to prove Islam is not religion, the hostile forces with Iran stigma said that is extreme, suicide bombers. .. In Iran, no one involved in suicide bombings. As they say Islam completely good things, the foundation to make colorful national character culture. Islamic culture which teaches children in the womb, birth mother's time and maturity to behave in the way of life with colorful culture of Islam. For example, the Islamic Iran does not drink beer, wine. A grape can be eaten directly or milled out for a drink, but when it is fermented, it doesn’t drink. This leads to in the streets which have no beer, drunk; the brawler, a few men beating their wives and children.
Islamic culture also confirmed the role of women. According to the Koran, women are the valuable part of human beings created by God. So, Iranian women have almost no labor, just lay the baby and do household chores, and the men are obliged to labor, money, wife and child rearing. Islamic culture also teaches people obedience, especially obedience to God, representatives’ God, policies and legal of the state. Islam also teaches cultural spirit, free will, community solidarity...
Islamic culture expresses many different angles. Overall, it creates stable social, order and rule which is the basic of sense of followers. They educated a childhood and each individual created a culture social together.
After the last trip, beside religious, Can Vietnam and Iran cooperate in other fields?
 - During the exposure, you would like to expand cooperation with Vietnam in many fields. Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guide said: "We are looking forward to Vietnam represented the major media to Iran, because we know your current information on Iran is small and one-way". Education sector is particularly important, because to develop diplomatic relations must start from education, to learn to know each other's language. Currently, the numbers of student in Vietnam know very few Persian. Iran has ready for students scholarships, composed of short-term program for Vietnamese
In the field of culture, Iran and Vietnam have many similarities. For example, Iran also has Lunar New Year, prepares delicious dishes, visits each other, or picks branches of buds. Procedures of the Iranian weddings are almost the same in Vietnam, and there is more fun to attend a banquet and bring envelopes. Therefore, Iran would like to expand cultural exchanges with Vietnam. In 2013, the two countries will celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations. For Iranians, the number 40 is extremely significant. First, the prophet Ali Muhammad wrote the Koran official in his 40s. It’s great human cultural work. Second, with the Iranians, 40 ages is the best reached maturity, both physically and mentally. So, Iran attaches great importance to stage the 40th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations with Vietnam and they hope to have a grand celebration and significance.
Thank you so much!
“The mosques in Iran are very much, have a history thousands of years. We went to Qom city, about 200 km to Tehran, is considered the mecca of Muslim Iran. This sacred land wide 20.000m2, with capacity expanded to 20,000 to 30,000 people joined in prayer. It is noteworthy that although built 1,000 years ago, but it almost see new chancel, showing the excellent preservation. In addition to the weather (dry climate, low rainfall), it is important to preserve the sense of people, believers, making the chancels exist forever"