Vice – Chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs visits Long Xuyen diocese


On May, 22, 2014, Mr. Dương Ngọc Tấn, Vice – Chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) visited Long Xuyen diocese and congratulated Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Trần Văn Toản, Director of the Pastoral Centre of Long Xuyen diocese for his new position appointed on April 5, 2014.

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Trần Văn Toản expressed thanks to leaders of the GCRA and An Giang’s Committee for Religious Affairs and regarded their congratulatory visit as a demonstration of interests and attention by the Party and State to Catholic followers’ religious activities in Mekong Delta River in particularly, and the country in general, as well as due attention by authorities, especially the GCRA for Long Xuyen diocese to strengthen its organization and personnel.

Mr. Dương Ngọc Tấn highly valued the contributions of Catholic dignitaries and followers in Long Xuyen diocese in building fine relations between local authority and the Church; contributing to poverty reduction and public order in the locality. He also hoped that, by compassion and responsibility bishops and dignitaries in the diocese will continue encouraging Catholics to become good citizens of the country.

On this occasion, the delegation also visited and extended best wishes to bishop Bùi Tuần of Long Xuyen diocese. Mr. Tấn briefed information on current economic, politic and social situation and said that in the context of China’s illegally placing of oil rig and vessels deep in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, disregarding of international law, the Vietnam Catholic Church issued timely Declaration on East Sea situation, joining the common voice in order to protect Vietnam’s sovereignty. He expressed his hope that bishops and dignitaries in the diocese will guide followers to be correctly aware of this situation; believe in the leadership of the State and Party; contribute to religious unity within the great all – nation unity bloc for combating maneuvers of hostile forces.