Son La province: A State religious affairs training course for officials


During the days from June 16th to June 18th, 2014 at Sơn La city, Sơn La province, the Government Committee for Religious Affairs in collaboration with the provincial Department of Home Affairs held a professional training course on Protestant affairs for more than 200 local staffs in communes and villages in 11districts of Sơn La province.  

At the training course, participants learnt Party’s viewpoints, State’s policies and laws on belief and religion in general, and Protestantism in particular, state policies for great national unity and religious unity; knowledge of Protestantism in the world and Vietnam and professional guidance for state administration on Protestant affairs. 

This is the second training course for local officials organized by the Government Committee for Religious Affairs in Son La. Currently, Sơn La province has more than 7,000 Protestant followers belonging to 5 organizations and sects, practicing in 59 groups in 11 districts. Up to now, Sơn La local authorities granted the registration certificate to 2 Protestant religious groups and planed to grant the religious registration to other religious groups in the coming time.