Representatives from Vietnam Evangelical Church (Northern) visits Government Committee for Religious Affairs


  On July 22, 2014, Representatives from the Vietnam Evangelical Church (Northern) led by its president, pastor Nguyễn Hữu Mạc visited the Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA). Mrs. Hoàng Thị Thảo, Director of Department of Protestant Affairs received the delegation.

On behalf of the Vietnam Evangelical Church (Northern), pastor Nguyễn Hữu Mặc expressed his thanks to the GCRA for its due attention and favorable conditions created by the GCRA and local authorities  for the church to conduct pastoral activities such as short-term and long-term refreshing courses, places of religious practice, recognition of chapters, meeting groups…. Pastor also briefed the host of operations, results and difficulties of the Church over the past time and working plan in the coming time. He expressed his hope that the GCRA will continue to create favorable conditions for the Church to overcome difficulties and obstacles in order to achieve set results.

On behalf of the GCRA, Mrs. Hoàng Thị Thảo acknowledged the advantages and disadvantages of the Church in pastoral activities. She also discussed with the Church some religious activities to be conducted in the coming time. The GCRA hoped that the Church will continue to strengthen the organization, especially at local levels; guide Protestants to observe the law; actively join in charitable activities contributing to the construction and development of the country./.