Government Religious Committee receives Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam


Chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) Vũ Hoài Bắc hosted a reception for Ambassador Denny Abdi of Indonesian Embassy to Vietnam on February 9.

Over the reception

Joining the reception included representatives of the GCRA’s Office and the Organization Personnel and International Relation Division, and the Belief and Other Religions Division.

During the reception, Chairman Vũ Hoài Bắc and Ambassador Denny Abdi had exchanges on the religious life of two countries.

According to Ambassador Denny Abdi, Indonesia and Vietnam will celebrate 10 years of the strategic partnership in 2023. Therefore, he expressed hope that the two countries would continue to promote cooperation on Halal products.

For his part, Chairman Vũ Hoài Bắc proposed the Indonesian side to strengthen cooperation with and support Vietnam in developing Halal products in order to better meet needs of tourists and the Muslim community in Vietnam, as well as increase exporting Halal foods to Muslim markets overseas.

Relating to the reconstruction of Al-Noor Mosque in No. 12 Hang Luoc street, Hanoi city, Chairman Vũ Hoài Bắc said that the GCRA will collaborate with relevant agencies of Hanoi authorities to consider and propose to the Government and functional departments, in the spirit of creating favorable conditions for religious practices of the local Muslim community and foreigners who are living, studying and working in Vietnam.

Posing for group photo