Government Religious Committee receives delegation of Vietnam United World Mission Church


Vice Chairwoman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) Trần Thị Minh Nga hosted on November 28 a reception for the visiting delegation from the Vietnam United World Mission Church led by Pastor President Nguyễn Quang Đức.

At the reception

Joining the reception included heads from the GCRA’s Office and the Protestant Affairs Division.

Vice Chairman Trần Thị Minh Nga speaks at the event

During the event, Vice Chairwoman Trần Thị Minh Nga extended congratulations to the success of the Vietnam United World Mission Church’s 5th national congress which selected the 17-members Executive Committee of the Church for the 2023-2027 tenure led by Pastor Nguyễn Quang Đức.

The Vice Chairwoman affirmed that the Vietnamese State always pursues the consistent policy of respecting and ensuring the right to freedom of belief and religion and equality of all religions before the law.

According to the GCRA official, the Vietnam United World Mission Church was recognized as a legal entity by the Vietnam State in 2007 and has guided its congregations to practice the religion in accordance with the Church’s Charter and State laws. In addition, the Church also has implemented many social and charitable activities such as supporting the poor and the people affected by Agent Orange, presenting wheelchairs to disabled, providing reliefs to people affected by floods in the Central region, launching “warm clothing” programs, and building charitable houses, etc.

While highly appreciate practical contributions of the Church, Vice Chairwoman Trần Thị Minh Nga expressed her hope that under the guidance of the new Executive Committee for the 2023-2027, the Church would continue encouraging its followers to promote fine traditions of the religion and actively participate in social activities, preserving the great national unity, contributing to the development of the country.

Pastor President Nguyễn Quang Đức speaks at the visiting reception

Speaking with the hosts, Pastor Nguyễn Quang Đức took the chance to thank the GCRA and local authorities for favorable conditions extended to the Mission Church over the past years. He also shared with the host about the development of the Church since 2007. According to the pastor, the Church currently has about 33,000 followers, operating in 14 provinces and cities nationwide, with the motto “Living the Gospel, serving the Country and the Nation”

He added that, the majority of the Church's followers are ethnic minority people and their material and spiritual lives still have many difficulties.


Anh Khôi