Government Religious Committee opens training on Protestant practices


The Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) opened on August 29-30 a training conference for guiding Protestant practices for key members of the Vietnam United Gospel Outreach Church.

Present at the event included Vice Chairman of the GCRA Nguyễn Tiến Trọng, Head of the GCRA’s Protestant Affairs Division Thiều Thị Hương, Pastor President of the Protestant Church Phạm Đình Nhẫn, members of the Management Council and others dignitaries of the Church.

The event aimed to disseminate key contents of the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies on belief and religion, and guide implementation of legal provisions for the Vietnam United Gospel Outreach Church, in order to help the Church to get full legal information, prepare procedures for registration of recognition of legal entity, as well as carry out religious practices and activities of serving communities in fields of health, education, vocational training, drug addiction treatment, etc.

Vice Chairman Nguyễn Tiến Trọng speaks at the meeting

According to GCRA Vice Chairman Nguyễn Tiến Trọng informed that the Vietnam United Gospel Outreach Church has been granted the operation registration certificate according to the Law on Belief and Religion taking effect on January 1, 2018. Over the past years, the Church has observed law provisions in religious practices and practically launched to social and charitable activities. Especially, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Church has presented over 16,000 gift sets, nearly 3,000 Covid-19 packs of medicines, over 235,000 liters of antiseptic solution and tens of tons of rice for poor families, and donated over 1,000 wheelchairs for people with disabilities, etc.

Anh Khôi