Government Religious Committee opens training on Protestant practices


The Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) opened on May 7-8 a training conference for guiding Protestant practices for key members of the Vietnam Mennonite Church in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

Head of GCRA’s Protestant Affairs Division Thiều Thị Hương speaks at the training conference

Present at the event included Head of the GCRA’s Protestant Affairs Division Thiều Thị Hương, Pastor President of the Mennonite Church Huỳnh Đình Nghĩa, and large numbers of members of the Executive Committee and heads of congregations of Mennonite Church.

Delegates at the event

The training focused on key contents of the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies on belief and religion, and implementation of legal provisions for the Vietnam Mennonite Church, aimed at guiding the Church to carry out religious practices and activities of serving communities in fields of health, education, social assistances, etc.

Speaking at the event, Head Thiều Thị Hương said that with the working motto “Living the Gospel, worshipping God, serving the Fatherland, accompanying the nation and obeying the law”, the Vietnam Mennonite Church has steadily developed, upheld fine traditions and law observation, and affirmed its position in the country, as well as proactively participated in patriotic programs and social charities. She expressed hope that through the training dignitaries of the Church would continue guiding members to practice the religion in accordance with the State laws and closely work with local authorities, contributing to fight against violations of state laws and moral deviations.


Minh Lan