Government Religious Committee Leader receives Apostle of LDS Church


Chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) Vũ Hoài Bắc hosted on October 19 a reception for the visiting delegation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) headed by Apostle Roland Rasband.

Joining the event included Chairman of the LDS Church’s Coordination Committee in Asia region Tai Ming Benny and Head of the Vietnam LDS Church’s Coordination Committee Hoàng Văn Tùng.

Speaking with the host, Apostle Roland Rasband shared that the LDS Church’s volunteers felt happy when carrying out missions in Vietnam and stated that the Vietnam State authorities have created favorable conditions for social and charitable activities in localities reflecting openness and respect for freedom of belief and religion by Vietnamese leaders and officials.

Chairman Vũ Hoài Bắc hailed charity programs sponsored by the LDS church in Vietnam such as projects providing clean water in remote areas, supporting people affected by floods, supplying health equipment for the Covid-19 prevention work, etc with a total contribution of hundreds of billions of VND.

He also thanked the LDS Church’s for its invitation and support extended to the visit of the GCRA delegation for attending the 193rd Semiannual General Conference of the LDS Church and the 30th annual International Law and Religion Symposium in the United State from September 29 to October 11. He expressed hope that exchanges of information during the visit would help the religious community and the US government better understand about religious life in Vietnam.

The GCRA leader also hoped that Apostle Roland Rasband and other members of the LDS Church delegation would continue serving as a bridge for the US government and people to better understand about freedom of belief and religion in Vietnam.

Apostle Roland Rasband had exchanges with the host about charitable projects and asked for the further support and guidance from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the GCRA and local authorities.


Anh Khôi