Government Religious Committee leader pays working visit to An Giang


Chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) Vũ Hoài Bắc chaired on May 11 a conference to review the implementation of the Government’s conclusion on supporting Khmer Theravada Buddhism for the 2004 -2024 period in An Giang province.

GCRA Chairman Vũ Hoài Bắc speaks at Khmer Theravada Buddhist conference held on May 11

The event taking place in Sa Lon Pagoda located in Luong Phi commune of An Giang province’s Tri Ton district saw the prsence of Most Venerable Chau Ty, Deputy Patriarch of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) and Most Venerable Thích Thiện Nhơn, President of the VBS’s Central Executive Council.

As reported at the event, over the past 19 years, given support from the Government, Theravada Khmer Buddhism has developed with outstanding results including print and presenting of 80 Khmer book titles; financial support covering expenses for Pali and Vini elementary classes in provinces and cities; completing of the appointment of abbots for all Khmer pagodas; completion of engraving seals of 452 Khmer pagoda in the Mekong Delta; five training courses by the Theravada Khmer Buddhist Institute with a total 150 graduated Buddhist monks, etc.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Vũ Hoài Bắc spoke highly of practical achievements made by the Theravada Khmer Buddhism over the past 19 years. He expressed hope that the conference would offer objective assessments and provide solutions for a better implementation of support measures for the Khmer Theravada Buddhism, contributing to stably developing the Khmer Theravada Buddhist Sect within the VBS, as well as promoting its role as a member of the great national unity bloc.

On the occasion, Chairman Vũ Hoài Bắc visited the Representative Committee of the Islamic Community in the province and extended his congratulations to Cham Islamic community on occasion of the closing of Ramadan 2023.

GCRA Chairman Vũ Hoài Bắc visits provincial Representative Committee of the Islamic Community at Al Nia’ Mah mosque in Chau Phong district.