Government Religious Committee holds seminar on practices of belief by Mong people in Northwest provinces


The Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) in collaboration with the Home Affairs Department in Dien Bien province held on May 17 a seminar on practices of belief by Mong ethnic people in the Northwest provinces.

The event co-chaired by Chairman of the GCRA Vũ Hoài Bắc and Director of the provincial Home Affairs Department Trịnh Hoàng Thắng, and attended by representatives from the provincial home affairs department of Dien Bien, Son La and Lai Chau.

The seminar aimed to clarify current practices of belief by Mong people in Northwest provinces, as well as identify trends of change from traditional beliefs to new religions, new religious phenomena and abuse of religion to cause disorder in localities, etc.

The event focused on functions and tasks of concerning local authorities relating to affairs of Mong ethnic people in general, and belief and religions of local Mong people in particular, as well as recommendations and working proposals for affairs of Mong people in the coming time.

 Speaking at the event, Chairman of the GCRA Vũ Hoài Bắc informed that Vietnam is a multi-ethnic and religious country. Each ethnic group have own cultural features and spiritual life, expressing its unique customs and traditional identities.

According to the 2019 Population and Housing Census, compared with other ethnic groups of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, the Mong ethnic group has the 5th largest population, with 1,393,547 people accounting for about 1.45% of the country's population. The Mong people consists of five main groups including White Mong, Flowery Mong, Black Mong, Blue Mong and Red Mong

Provinces of Dien Bien, Son La and Lai Chau are three localities out of four provinces having the largest number of Mong people with over 570,000 residents, accounting for 40% the total Mong people’s population in the country, and a diversity of belief and religious practices.