The attention of the Party and the Government to religion in 2011


In 2011, our country had many important events including the success of the Ninth Party Congress, election of the 8th National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels term from 2011 to 2016, the new term of the 8th Assembly and the Government’s officially new operation.

2011 was also the year that many prominent activities of religion. With these remarkable activities, the leaders of the Party and the government as well as local authorities paid much attention and facilitated the religious organizations to organize their activities successfully; visited, congratulated and sent gifts to the religious organizations on the special occasion. Thanks to religious activities as well as care of the Party and the Government, we can strengthen the unity of religious people in the great national unity, promote the synergy of the entire nation to successfully implement benefits of industrialization and modernization, construct and firmly defend the nation.

Care of the Party and the Government towards religion expressed great policies of national unity. There is no discrimination because of belief and religion. Great national unity for social goals of prosperous society, strong country, democracy, justice and civilization is similarity to connect the people of religions to development of the country. 


Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan attended the Closing Ceremony

Of Holy Year 2010

On the 5th, January, 2011, at La Vang parish, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam Catholic Church organized the Closing Ceremony of Jubilee Year 2010. On behalf of the Party, the State, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan attended the Closing Ceremony and congratulated. Speaking at the closing ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan congratulated the Catholic Church in Vietnam, and raised the significance of La Vang in the mind of the Catholic people of Vietnam. La Vang is a sacred place because of the annual pilgrimage festivals held here. Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged the contribution of Catholics people in the fields of economics, politics, culture and society of the country. The bishops, priests, monks are the ones who guide, encourage "people of God" to perform well his role of "a good Catholic citizen".

          Deputy Prime Minister also confirmed that the Government always respects and ensures the people‘s freedom of belief and religion, and said that it was a consistent policy in order to meet the legitimate rights and interests of religious followers. The policy is fundamental base for good relations between the governments, the local authorities with religions in the recent years. Creating a favorable basis for the formation, development of living trend "good life, good religion" in the religious compatriots including Catholic followers. Catholic followers and the people in the whole country protect Vietnam and build prosperity, freedom and happiness. The government wants that Vietnam Catholic Church continues to implement the direction which attaches, co-operates with the nation as defined in the general letter in 1980 of the Vietnam Episcopal Council. Deputy Prime Minister sent thanks to Pope Benedict XVI due to his concern for Vietnam and the Vietnam Catholic Church.


President Nguyen Minh Triet attended the 2010 Summary of Catholic Solidarity Committee of Ho Chi Minh City

On the 22nd of January, 2011, President Nguyen Minh Triet attended the 2010 Summary Conference of Catholic Solidarity Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Recall the words of Pope Benedict XVI "a good Catholics is also a good citizen," President Nguyen Minh Triet affirmed that Vietnam Catholics and firstly foremost citizens of Vietnam, have great contribution to the country, to society, from fighting against foreign invasion, to building, protecting and developing the country. Contribution of Catholics followers in the development of the country is considered as a national treasure. In any field it must be recorded. President Nguyen Minh Triet appreciated the efforts and contributions of Catholic followers to the country in general and to the city in particular. These activities include help for the purpose of the community, especially caring activities for leprosy patients, HIV / AIDS, drug addicts; children of Agent Orange victims...The President respected for contribution of the priests, male - female priests, parishioners and Catholic Solidarity Committee. They helped the city government and people contributed to the development of the city and country. President wanted that with the spirit of "living well, good religion" for the common interests of the country, Catholics followers including Catholic Solidarity Committee continue to strengthen relationships with governments at all levels and people of the world, other religions to bring the country new higher position.


 Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung congratulated Khmer New Year's greetings

 On the occasion of Chnam Thmay Chol holiday in 2011, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, the Chairman's South West gave gifts and sent New Year Letter to relatives of ethnic Khmer.

In the letter, Nguyen Sinh Hung emphasized, in 2010 and early 2011, Khmer people and the monks have been promoting the tradition of solidarity, enthusiasm. In production they have achieved many results. The image of the rural areas where Kmer people live constantly has renewed. However, at present, the ethnic Khmer still have many difficulties. Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung noted the ministries, the government committees and local authorities should continue to help people more. Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung also trust the people, Khmer Buddhist monks continue to promote their achievements, try to overcome difficulties, actively produce, and build prosperous and happy life. 

 President Triet attends the Buddha's birthday in 2011

On the 15th of May, at the Bai Dinh Pagoda (Ninh Binh), 31/5 at the Buddhist Institue of Vietnam, Vietnam Buddhist Shangha has celebrated Vesak Day in 2011 - Buddhist calendar 2555.

President Nguyen Minh Triet attended the incense offerings ceremony for Vesak. Speaking at the Vesak celebration, the President desired Vietnam Buddhist Shangha will forever accompany with the country, always encourage Buddhist followers to live well and pray well, unite the people to make Vietnam become more prosperous and powerful to shoulder with the powerful countries in the world. President Nguyen Minh Triet affirmed that the Party and the Government consistently respect for freedom of belief and religion of the people, ensure religious activities according to law, constantly take care socio-economic development and create conditions for religious people and dignitaries to lead to religious life well and to fulfill the duties of citizenship for the country


 Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong visited and sent gifts to children who are nurtured in the temple of Ngoc Lam and Bo De pagoda

Human action for children in 2011 and the International Children's Day New Year 1/6, the morning of 5/26/2011, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong same delegation visited and presented gifts to disadvantaged children , have difficulties being cared for and reared at Bo De pagoda and Ngoc Lam Pagoda, Long Bien district, Hanoi.

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong and the delegation graciously talked to the children who are being nurtured and cared at Bo De Temple and Ngoc Lam Pagoda. Deputy Prime Minister and the representatives of the ministries, the city sent gift to the master monk and the children here. The delegation expressed appreciation to kind heart, compassion. Deputy Prime Minister hoped that the monks and nuns continue give opening hearts of Buddhism to cooperate with the government and donors to care for children in the best conditions. Deputy Prime Minister also asked the authorities, the Health Ministry to facilitate, support mental conditions to help the temple to care for and teach children who have bad condition to integrate to the community better. 

Commissioner of Ministry of Politburo, Minister of the Government Office Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the celebrations 100th anniversary since Protestantism came to Vietnam

On the evening of 14.06.2011, in providing sports Tien Son, Da Nang city Confederation of the Protestant Church of Vietnam (South) held the opening celebration of 100 years of traditional Protestantism to Vietnam. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Politburo Member, Secretary, Office of the Government attended the meeting. Speaking at the opening of Nguyen Xuan Phuc behalf of the Party and Government Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Church wishes to stage a new step to achieve many more accomplishments and confirmed the activity, students religious activities take place rich and varied. Religious policy of the Government respects and guarantees freedom of belief and religion of the people. Ethnic religions are part of the great national unity. Policies that have been creating favorable conditions for religious organizations in the country work towards ethnic closeness. 100 years of church history in the establishment and defense of the nation. VietnamProtestantChurch has accompanied the country for 100 years. Nguyen Xuan Phuc suggested all religious followers; Protestant dignitaries continue to stick with people through charitable activities in the medical care, and education such as helping victims of natural disasters, and poverty, disease and good performance direction "live the gospels, serve God, and serve the nation". Thereby Protestantism can fulfill their duties with God, to fulfill obligations to the Nation, give a worthy contribution to the renewal of the country.


Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh attended Sene Donta Festival of Khmer 

In the afternoon of 20th September, 2011, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh attended the meetings of Sene Donta Festival -biggest traditional festival in a year of ethnic Khmer in Can Tho, Southern of Vietnam. Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh on behalf of the Government sent congratulations to the monks, the venerable and all ethnic Baddish Theravada Khmer in the region.  Deputy Prime Minister said a long with the policy of national solidarity in religion, ethnic group, conservation and promotion of Vietnamese culture, the Party and the government had cared for economic life, culture. Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh, asked the ministries, local authority to continue implementing the practical policy and to care for social security of Khmer people in the area. "I recommend the leaders of the provinces and in the area need to visit, assist the Khmer households who are poor, have difficulties so that the people here can enjoy Sene Donta Festival happily" Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

Besides, the Deputy Prime Minister also noted that the local authorities need to implement reasonable policies with reputable people in the Khmer community, strengthen training in ethnic minorities. Specially, pay attention to settle in time lawsuit, disputes, complaints and denunciations of citizens relating to the policies of Khmer people. By this people will increasingly unite together to develop economy and society.

Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan attended and given Ho Chi Minh Medal to Most Venerable Thich Thanh Tu


On 23rd of October, at Vietnam Institute of Buddhist, in Soc Son district, Hanoi, Vietnam, Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan awarded Ho Chi Minh Medal- noble award of the Government and the Party to Venerable Thich Thanh Tu. This event witnessed by the representatives of the ministries, the local authorities and the organizations, religious dignitaries, numerous monks and nuns, monks.

Chairman of Vietnamese Fatherland Front Huynh Dam visited The Buddhist conference in Ho Chi Minh City 

On the morning of 31st, October, Mr. Huynh Dam - Chairman of Vietnamese Fatherland Front congratulated Buddhist Association of Ho Chi Minh city on The 30th anniversary of establishment of Vietnam Buddhist Shangha Speaking the same religious faith Permanent Members letter, Mr. Huynh Dam appreciation campaign established Buddhist Church of Vietnam, expressing the will and wishes of the monks and nuns, Buddhists and abroad. During the 30 years of development, the Church has shown its role as a common house of nuns, Buddhists nationwide unified will and action in the domestic and foreign; nuns campaign , Buddhist the Buddha's made many important contributions to the development of the country.

 President Truong Tan Sang visit and congratulate Venerable Thich Tri Quang


On the occasion of 30th anniversary established Buddhist Church of Vietnam, am 11.06.2011 Government President Truong Tan Sang Hue to the temple is strictly (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) visits HT. Thich Tri Quang, Vice Chairman of the VBS Politics, International Buddhist Head, Head of BTS THPG City, Hue Nghiem temple abbots. President Truong Tan Sang had asked the health of the HT. Thich Tri Quang, and appreciation of the achievements in the activities of VBS Buddha, Buddhist city in the past term. Government President happy that works tectonic Hue Nghiem Pagoda is nearing completion and is preparing to host the About Forum Acts Head. President congratulated Thich 30th anniversary of establishment of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam. 

Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan, Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Pham Quang Nghi attend the 30th anniversary celebration established Buddhist Church of Vietnam and received the Order of Ho Chi Minh City Government awarded (07/11/1981 - 11/07/2011)




On 7th November, 2011, at the Buddhist Institute in Vietnam, Phu Linh Commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi, Vietnam Buddhist Shangha celebrated the 30th anniversary of the establishment and received Ho Chi Minh Medal awarded by the State. Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan, Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan, Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Pham Quang Nghi attended, spoke and awarded a noble medal to Vietnam Buddhist Shangha and other individuals. On behalf of the Party, the Government and Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan congratulated and appreciated the contribution of all monks, nuns, Buddhists in the country and in the world. Deputy Prime Minister affirmed that Vietnam Buddhist always renews accompanies with the directions “Dharma – the nation – socialism. The spirit “protect the country; protect people" will contribute the country richer. In the solemn atmosphere and excitement of the monks and nuns, Buddhists, Vice President of Socialist Republic of Vietnam Nguyen Thi Doan gave Ho Chi Minh Medal, First, Second, Third Independence Medal to Vietnam Buddhist Shangha and individuals. In addition, Vietnam Fatherland Front also awarded the Medal of the Great Unity Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc greeted the delegation of dignitaries of Tu An Hieu Nghia religion
On 16th, November, 2011, at the offices of the Government, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, member of the Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister, on behalf of the Prime Minister received the delegation of dignitaries of Tu An Hieu Nghia religion in
Hanoi. Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc noted and appreciated the contribution of religious believers of Tu An Hieu Nghia and they have been contributing to make the country more prosperous.  Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said: Tu an Hieu Nghia Dao is the domestic religion; the Party and Governmentalways respect and ensure religious freedom of citizens. At the same time he expected believers of Tu An Hieu Nghia religion continue to promote the patriotic tradition, actively participate in the movement to protect national security. On behalf of the Party and the State, Deputy Prime Minister wished the dignitaries the Tu An Hieu Nghia health, to continue preserving and promoting the tradition, religious activities in accordance with the laws of the Government.


Mr. Le Hong Anh – Commissioner of Ministry of Politburo, Permanent Secretary Committee congratulated Christmas Eva in the Archdiocese of Long Xuyen

On the occasion of Christmas 2011, on 29th November, 2011, Le Hong Anh, member of the Politburo Standing Committee Secretariat visited and congratulated the bishops, priests and parishioners in the Archdiocese of Long Xuyen. Mr. Le Hong Anh wished Catholic dignitaries and parishioners enjoyed a peaceful, happy Christmas. He trusted that the dignitaries, and Catholic followers of Long Xuyen Archdiocese continue to promote the spirit " live the Gospel in the heart of the nation "," serve God, serve the country and its people "; implement the policies, the guidelines of the Party and laws of the State. In addition, Catholic followers should give efforts to build and promote national unity to contribute to national construction and defense.

During construction and defense of Vietnam as well as through the revolutionary period, the Party and Government of Vietnam always care for religion and pass suitable policies and laws on religion with each stage of the revolution. 2011 marked 20 years of performing the furtherance of the national construction in the period of transition to socialism, 25 years since the people have carried out comprehensive reforms initiated by our Party. We had gained significant achievements in many spheres such as economy and society; people's lives are improving; political stability, security and order of society are maintained. In the achievements of the country, religious people, dignitaries and religious organizations have many practical contributions to national construction and development of the country. Through the visits, religious activities as well as major holidays, the Party, the Government always highly appreciates the efforts and contributions of ethnic, religious dignitaries to the country. Their works help the community, especially the social humanitarian activities such as caring rooms, HIV / AIDS patients, drug addicts, child victims of Agent Orange. The leaders of the Party, Government want that with the spirit "live well for good religion" for common interests of the country, ethnic minority and religious dignitaries have contributed positively to the construction and defend the country. They also help to further strengthen relationships with authorities at all levels to make our country more prosperous and developed.

 The success of the 11th National Party Congress, the 13th election ò National Assembly and Council, term 2011-2016 marked the transformation of the country. In traditional Tet holiday, due to precious contributions of religious dignitaries, and the people, the leaders of Party and the Government sent their regards and wishes to them.