Encourage farmers to implement the religious policy of the Party and Government


To promote the role of Vietnam Farmers' Association and the Government Committee for Religious Affairs relating to religion, on 29th June, 1999, Vietnam Farmers Association and the Government Committee for Religious Affair signed the cooperative Programme No. 343/CTPH to "persuade peasants to implement the policy of the Party and State." Unify cooperative program

 After the signing ceremony of cooperative programs, both the parties agreed to implement the program, established the central leading board, and issued the directive document for Farmers' Association and the Committee for Religious Affairs of the provinces and the cities to sign the cooperative program. At present, 53 provinces and cities have signed the cooperative Programme with the Committee for Religious Affairs at the same level with them, established a permanent directive board, and issued the guiding writing to the localities. The propaganda has been done in many localities and has brought good results contributing to stabilize the religious situation in each locality and develop more farmer group. The content of the propaganda focused on populating the Resolution of the 9th Party Central Committee’s the 7th Conference in religious work; Ordinance on Belief and religion, decrees guiding the implementation of several articles of the Ordinance on Belief and religion, Direction No. 01/2005/CT-TTg on 4th Fabruary, 2005 by the Prime Minister on some tasks for Protestantism; Resolution of the 7th Central Committee of Vietnam Farmers' Association (4th term) dated on 26th December, 2005 about "Promoting the work of the Association and the movement of farmers in place including religious followers"; the campaign "Study and follow Ho Chi Minh's Moral Example "; Resolution of the 4th Congress, and the Resolution of the 7th Central Committee (Term 10th) on agriculture, farmers and rural areas ... Also, education on the tradition of patriotism, revolutionary traditions, national pride, solidarity, creativity in production, economic, social and cultural development.

At the summary conference for 12 years of implementing the cooperative program between Vietnam Peasants' Association and the Government Committee for Religious Affairs from 1999 to 2011 asserted that: in the branch and Committee for Religious Affairs granted the same level has collaborated, advocated often farmers who are religious followers with many diverse activities.
 Thanks to innovating the propaganda, they could raise awareness and responsibilities of staff members, farmers who are religious believers when implementing the direction, the policies about religious of the Party and State, raise sense of self-reliance, the spirit "good life, good religion", "living the gospel in the heart of our nation", "religion and national socialism", develop internal resources, actively participate in industrialization and modernization of rural areas.
In the cooperative program, thoroughly know the position and role of the staff of Farmers Association in locality. The association always pay much attention to training, retraining and enrich knowledge of religion and public advocacy for staff in the place where there are religious followers. As reported by the Vietnam Farmers Association, 131,160 groups of Farmer Association at all levels have learnt religious knowledge. The numbers of staff, which have learnt religion, understood thoroughly and are closer with religious people. Therefore, Farmers Association has been attracting more farmers who are the religious believers. According to the data from all province, the association, in the country there are about 10 million farmer members, in which religious followers are more than 1 million people, accounting for 10% of the total membership. According to the general assessment of the province including religious farmers, the believers actively participate in the activities of the movement and the Vietnam Farmer Association. For example: the farmers compete with patriotism, developing family economy, and building a cultural life, maintaining security and order of society.
Religious followers’ belief to the Party and the Government
The movements such as “farmers compete to produce and do good business”, “helping each other to overcome poverty and enriching” have created legitimate competition among farmers to boost production. This contributes to promoting the economic importance of agriculture and rural development. From 1999 to 2011, 1 million farmers, who are religious followers, won the good production and business. In recent years, religious farmers have been promoting the spirit of mutual assistance by giving animals and plants and facility to the poor difficult households, family. Some provinces have typical groups and individuals with notable achievements. Farmer Association in Vinh Thanh, Can Tho provice cooperated Catholic priest Phan Duc Son. Catholic priest, Head of Catholic unity in Vinh Thanh, Vu Duc Huoc, of Chau Long church in ward 1, Thanh An, exchange technology, borrow the Social Policy Bank so that religious farmers here  develop production, increase wealthy households, reduce poverty. Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Catholic believers, leader of Farmers Associations in Lac Vien, Lac Xuan commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province actively participates in farmers' association and movement, especially mobilizes religious followers to take part in religious activities of the association. She also supports and helps 9 households to overcome poverty. She has many achievements in reconciliation among farmers. Mr. Truong Van Thuan, Catholic believers, Vice Chairman of Farmers Association in Huong Tho, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien-Hue actively mobilizes Catholics to obey the direction and policies of the Party and the government. He mobilizes priests, benefactors to help farmers affected by natural disasters, He also participates in reconciliation. Mr. Phan Ngoc Anh, a Buddhist farmer members Thuy Chau, Huong Thuy, Thua Thien-Hue has developed fishery building materials combined services, create jobs for 30 people local ... it is just one of the religious believers actively enriching family and community.
In the movement of building a new countryside, religious farmers actively participate in the campaign "all people unite to build cultural life in residential areas." Thousands of religious register the movement "cultural family" and participate in building village, hamlet, associated with the movement of the religion such as: "building supernatural temple" “good parish, typical Catholic family, typical grandparents, gentle grandchildren "... they also implement the convention, civilized lifestyle in the wedding, funerals, festivals; prevent social evils, drug addiction, HIV / AIDS; create happy atmosphere, healthy cultural life.  According to the Vietnam Farmers Association’s assessment, 75% of registered religious believers had the title "cultural peasant family". In the process of building a new cultural life, the associations and all offices encouraged religious farmers to participate in implementing the social policy, health programs, education, caring and protecting children, clean water programs and rural environmental sanitation, population programs and family planning programs, traffic program, the campaign "a Day for the Poor". They also care for families which have injured people and martyrs. They also donated victims of natural disasters to overcome the consequences of natural disasters. These activities promote mutual help and love of the nation, build a new countryside. 
Along with mobilizing the members, farmers to promote socio-economic development, the Farmers Association in the place including religious people always attach importance to the national defense, security. They also cooperated with the police, the army, border guards of the program through active coordinative program such as educating guidelines, policies and laws of the Government and the Party, the national defense and security, raising revolutionary vigilance, sense of responsibility and obligations of citizens while implementing the national defense for the staffs of farmer association. Mobilize farmers, who are religious believers, to make good relationship between the army and the rear. Mobilize their members, farmers to fight against border encroachment, residential land encroachment, smuggling, and illegal missionaries. These activities will contribute to building national defense posture, strengthening people's security, defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, ensuring political security and social order in rural areas.
The content of coordination from 2012 to 2016
These results confirm the appropriateness and practical significance of coordinating program between Vietnam Farmers Associations with the Government Committee for Religious Affairs has been promoting the strength of national unity.
In the period from 2012 to 2016, Vietnam Farmer Association and the Government Committee for Religious Affairs will continue to consistent implementing the contents: propagandizing, educating  the resolutions and direction of the Party and the State, laws relating to religion to each staff member who are religious; regularly consolidating farmer association at all levels, attracting more religious member; educating the members, farmers the importance of cooperative program, implementing the campaign "study and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh". Actively participate in the movement, the revolutionary movement of the party, the local areas, such as movement "Farmers emulate to develop a new rural area", "Farmers emulate to produce, do good business, unite to help each other to overcome poverty and enrich legally" "farmers participate to ensure national security "... This movement associated with the patriotic movement of the religion. At the same time, coordinate to train occupation, create job for members who are religious believers. Exploit access capital sources to lend staff. Thanks to that they can praise good members, then maintain and replicate the same model in which farmers help each other to develop household economy.