Care for religious work, build national unity in Hoa Binh Province


According to a preliminary evaluation of three-year implementation of Direction No. 29-CT/TU on 08/12/2008 of Provincial Standing Committee of Hoa Binh about  performance of 7th Central  Resolution with the content "Promoting the strength of national solidarity about work relating to ethnicity and religion", in the recent  years, the Party and government authorities at all levels have taken care and brought practical effect, built national solidarity, contributed to promoting Economic - Social development, maintained Defense, Security.


Ethnic people, religious followers in Hoa Binh province sang to cherish the 125th anniversary of establishment of the province

According to the statistics of the authorities in the province, by May 2011, Hoa Binh province had 44,725 religious followers, in which, 22,507 are Catholic people, 22,168 are Buddhists (some districts had no statistics on the number of Buddha such as Kim Boi, Ky Son, Mai Chau, Da Bac). Under the guidance of the Committee, the Party committees, authorities, departments, agencies, delegations thoroughly understood the basic content of the Direction, made specific action plans, strengthened the propaganda and popularized 29-CT/TU Direction on 08/12/2008 and legal documents related to religion form 2009 to 2011 such as : Ordinance of belief, religion, Decree No. 22/2005/ND-CP, Instruction 1940/CT-TTg relating to religion and housing, Direction No. 01/2005/CT-TTg on some tasks Protestantism which have been popularized and thoroughly understood by the political system, the Party, Fatherland Front, the organizations, the staff directly related to religion and religious believers, dignitaries.

           Ethnic and religious people took part in election 

So far, departments, branches and localities in the province are planning to perform religious work. The dissemination of guidelines and policies of the Party and State, the province of religious work is also of interest. Last time, Hoa Binh province has organized training courses on the report of committees, government, mass organizations as the core for the organization disseminated in staff at all levels, especially base and religious believers, religious dignitaries. Propaganda content was prepared in association with the practical work of the departments, agencies, each region and each locality. The thematic fit the propaganda groups. Therefore, dissemination, policy thoroughly, religious policy of the Party and Governmentin-depth step by step, to better meet the needs of people of faith and religion. From 2008 to now, the province of Hoa Binh has held 10 conferences with 811 visitors to hear Ordinance popular belief, religion and the Government Decree 22. From 2008 to 2010, implementing Decision No. 83/2007/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister, the Provincial Ethnic open two training courses on religious knowledge for 100 people, the object is deputy director of the facility, departments, Vice Chairman, Head of Internal Affairs and professionals working in the religion of 11 districts and cities; open 3 classes for 200 people, the object is Deputy Secretary, Chairman, President VFF, police officer responsible for culture in Lac Thuy commune, Kim Boi, Hoa Binh and Ho Leshan. Total has opened 14 classes with 825 participants respectively.


 Hoa Binh Cement project in Thanh Lap commune (Luong Son) was put into operation.

Religious work has been focused, freedom of belief and religion of the other dignitaries and followers of religious organizations is guaranteed. For religious organizations recognized organization, the daily needs of religion is guaranteed under the provisions of law and procedures address the proposals related to religious activities such as congress period of religious organizations, the religious dignitaries, the construction, repair, repair of worship, split ... are facilitating convenient guide the settlement, ensuring time and procedure prescribed by law. Some districts has directed relevant agencies shall examine, review and proposed classification level People's Committees of the plans for dealing with cases related to religious backlog such as land disputes, worship facilities, internal conflicts dignitaries and religious organizations, disputes abbot ... Some localities have actively promoted the internal resources of the religious organizations in the cultural movements - social guarantee of security and order locally as Lac Thuy district, Hoa Binh city. Vice Chairman of Khoan Du commune (Lac Thuy) Dinh Cong Tien said: commune with 850 households, of which 90% of fellow Catholics. Over the years, Provision has a tradition "Living better life, good religious" of the Catholic people, to promote the movement of labor - production, building a new cultural life in residential areas creating a cultural environment in general and religious environments, healthy religion in residential areas, the successful implementation of socio-economic objectives. Social Party repeatedly been recognized as grassroots Party organizations strong and clean for years. Per capita income has reached 12.5 million, the poverty rate to 14%. People trust the line and policies of the Party and State.

 Social Ha Mai (Mai Chau) preserves the cultural identity of the good traditions.

           Through the implementation of policies consistent religious freedom, religious conformity strengthened solidarity between people with and without religion, between the different religions in the great national unity and create synergy successfully implement the resolutions of the Congress Party at all levels. Hoa Binh province identified: religious beliefs are spiritual needs of some groups of people are and will remain the same ethnic groups in the process of building socialism in our country. Ethnic religions are part of the great national unity. The religious activities are under the framework of law and equality. For religious work, Hoa Binh province is directing enhance mass mobilization through implementation of economic policy - Social Security - Defense and ensuring material benefits and spiritual of the people.


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