Religious dignitaries & elite people in Binh Thuan play active roles in mass mobilization work


Bac Binh district of Binh Thuan province is home to the largest number of ethnic minority people, especially the Cham community. Particularly, Cham people in Phan Hiep commune account for over 95% the commune population with over 1,400 households. The commune has two major religions including Brahmanism and Bani Islam.

Vice Chairman of People’s Committee in Binh Thuan Phan Văn Đăng (L) exchanges with local religious dignitaries at meeting to  honor typical models in “All people protect national security” movement 

In response to socio-economic development tasks, authorities of Phan Hiep commune have been aware that religious dignitaries, intellectuals and other prestigious people play important roles amongst ethnic communities, especially ensuring public security and order in the locality. Therefore, local authorities have actively coordinated with concerning agencies to establish "Self-defense and self-management" model with the participation of local religious dignitaries.

As a result, two models "Brahmin dignitaries participate in security and order” and "Dang families participate in ensuring security and order" have been established in the commune.

Since then, local dignitaries and prestigious people have continued to promote their roles, acting as a bridge between local authorities and ethnic communities in communicating the Party and the State’s guidelines and policies and local regulations, as well as proactively encourage local residents to engage in patriotic programs, prevent activities undermining the great bloc of national unity, and eliminate superstitions.

From 2022 up to now, local dignitaries and prestigious people have coordinated with local authorities to effectively resolve two civil disputes.

In addition, they have closely supervised four drug addicts, juveniles and five people released from prison and provided two valuable information pieces for maintaining the public security in the locality, etc.

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