Religious committee in Quang Binh holds annual training on state administration on belief, religion 2023


The Committee for Religious Affairs in Quang Binh province held on September 12 an annual training on state management on belief & religion for local cadres tasked with religious affairs in the province’s districts and cities.

The one-day training covered basic contents on state policies and laws on belief & religion, the state administration on construction related religion, professional skills in dealing with violations of security, politics, social order and safety related to religion, and handling of false information for ill purposes in cyberspace, etc.

The training also allowed exchanges and discussions of practical issues relating the state administration on belief & religion, cyberspace security and religion-related land and construction, with the aim to strengthen awareness of local cadres in order to better handle practical issues relating belief & religion in the locality.

As reported, the training is the first course of a training and fostering plan for local cadres approved by the provincial authorities in 2023.


Nguyên Hải