Religious Committee in Gia Lai receives Buddhist Sangha’s sub-committee for Buddhist propagation to ethnic people


Chairman of the Committee for Religious Affairs of the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai Hồ Hải Tần received on May 11 a visiting delegation from the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS)’s Subcommittee for Propagation of Dharma to Ethnic Minorities.

At the reception

The VBS delegation was led by Ven. Thích Minh Thuận, Head of the VBS sub-committee.

At the visiting reception, Ven. Thích Minh Thuận thanked the provincial government’s due attention to Buddhist practices in Gia Lai and the VBS’s propagation work in the locality. He also asked the concerning provincial authorities to continue facilitating ethnic minorities’ practices of religion in general and Buddhism in particular.

Speaking with the guests, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Home Affairs Hồ Hải Tần highlighted contributions to social charities by Buddhist followers in Gia Lai

He also stated that the provincial committee for religious affairs would do its best in supporting and guiding religions in the province in general and Buddhism in particular to operate in compliance with the law, creating a stable and positive space for religious practices in the locality.