Deputy Prime Minister Trần Lưu Quang pays Christmas visits in Binh Thuan, Dong Nai


Deputy Prime Minister Trần Lưu Quang on December 16 visited and extended Christmas to Phan Thiet diocese in the south-central province of Binh Thuan , ahead of Christmas 2023.


Deputy Minister Trần Lưu Quang extends Christmas greetings to Phan Thiet diocese

Accompanying the Deputy Prime Minister included Vice Chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs Nguyễn Tiến Trọng.

During the visiting reception hosted by Bishop Joseph Đỗ Mạnh Hùng, General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam, while extending merry Christmas and happy New Year to the bishop, priests and all parishioners of the diocese, Deputy Prime Minister Trần Lưu Quang expressed hope that Bishop Joseph Đỗ Mạnh Hùng and the diocese priests would further guide the Catholic community of the diocese to uphold fine traditions of the religion and proactively engage in patriotic movements launched for boosting socio-economic development of the country.


Deputy Prime Minister Trần Lưu Quang pays Christmas visits to Xuan Loc diocese

On the same day, Deputy Prime Minister Trần Lưu Quang visited and extended Christmas greetings to Bishop of Xuan Loc Diocese John Đỗ Văn Ngân in the southern province of Dong Nai.

On the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Trần Lưu Quang also paid Christmas visits to Bishop Dominic Nguyễn Chu Trinh, former bishop of Xuan Loc diocese, and Bishop Joseph Đinh Đức Đạo, former bishop of the diocese.

Xuan Loc diocese was established in 1965, separating from Sai Gon Archdiocese. It is now home to the largest number of Catholic people among the 27 dioceses of the Catholic Church of Vietnam, with about 1.1 million followers, including nearly 700 priests and almost 2,500 clergies.


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