President Ho Chi Minh and Buddhism


 "Uncle Ho's image in my mind, according to Buddhism, he is a bodhisattva with a lot of good virtues" eager for…  but demand ". He understood depthly and fully thoughts and feelings all classes of society. He devoted all his life for happy life of humanity ... with my personal experience, I have found that when I learn Uncle Ho the true Uncle, my mind is brighter, and my hearts is pure. Because all his people follow the path illuminated by the wisdom and noble moral of Uncle, it will definitely make "magic" ... ".

On the 30th anniversary of establishment of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS), the Central Church Culture hosted the conference and collected the outstanding articles of Buddhist dignitaries, monks and Buddhist scholars, religious researchers to publish a book of President Ho Chi Minh and Buddhism. This is a good book, good reference for those who do research, study and learn about ideology of  President Ho Chi Minh, especially his thoughts about religion in general and Buddhism in particular.
The book was derived from the comment that one of the main causes of the ongoing achievements over 30 years of the Vietnam Buddhist Shangha is the religious policies of the Party and State for Buddhism. The person who laid the foundation, religious policies was the President Ho Chi Minh.
Credibility of the Party and State to Buddhism was built completely from the long history of the country, the development of the Buddhist and the country are always parallel. President Ho Chi Minh City’s father was Mr.Nguyen Sinh Sac who was a scholar of Buddhism, a very patriotic person and close to Buddhist. Inheriting the spirit, Uncle Ho was also interested in Buddhism; this was demonstrated by many historical documents, through the speeches on Buddhism and his contact with honorable Buddhist, Buddhist dinitaries.
The book included 31 statements, explanation; they were 31 ideas of President Ho Chi Minh with Buddhism that the authors had real experience in meditation time, religious activities, and through the time he met Uncle Ho. Through the book President Ho Chi Minh and Buddhism, readers will have an overview of Ho Chi Minh ideology of Buddhism, the deep understanding of his religious tradition of the nation, the views, guidelines, the actual policies that he himself, through his deep understanding, and ingenious vision and political wisdom, turned into good content in the Constitution, the decree throughout his life and his revolutionary.
Through the typical article, such as: "Three times to meet Uncle Ho" by the Most Venerable Thich Don Hau, "A meeting was never forgotten" by Venerable Thich Minh Chau, "great honor" of the scholar Nguyen Dinh Chi, "The image and moral will always attract Buddhist," Tong Ho Cam, and many others, and many other writings, we love more, respect more for the simplicity, intimate and profound of President Ho in the recognition, behavior and exposure to Buddhist dignitaries.
When reading President Ho Chi Minh and Buddhism, the reader will explain why President Ho was a mirror, a pattern, an encouragement for the action of the entire Party, the people including Buddhism dignitaries in Vietnam. Then, they will unite to perform the protection and construction of a socialist Vietnam.
Reading President Ho Chi Minh and Buddhism, readers are also more understanding and believe in as sincere words of the Venerable Thich Minh Chau, said: "up to now for more than forty years have passed, look back the hard time, I believe more that my love, my trust to President Ho Chi Minh from my childhood is one of the fire to keep warm my heart and bright my mind on the life serving Buddhism and the nation.”
The book is not divided in to chapters and sections as usual but it is a collection of articles by subject: Ho Chi Minh’s ideology of Buddhism, the religious policies of the Party, the State and President Ho Chi Minh on Buddhism; President Ho Chi Minh and advocacy with nuns, Buddhist; President Ho Chi Minh’s morals, personality; memories, feelings of the meeting with President Ho Chi Minh. These articles make readers feel as they are witnesses actually. The book is a valuable, direct, specific document about Ho Chi Minh’s ideology with Buddhism. This was first written by the dignitaries, monks, nuns and Buddhists in Vietnam.
The book was published by General Publishing House in Ho Chi Minh City on September, 2011. Pleased to introduce readers. /.