Buddha’s teaching on human behavior


To the present day, the Buddha’s teachings sill remain valuable and concise with implication to teach every one, given each individual’s capacity, to move away from greed, hatred and delusion towards reaching tranquility and peace in the mental mind.

The Buddha taught that all unhappiness of human beings arises from perverted desires. They want pleasures that money can buy, more power than others…. Because of these desires, people become selfish, only thinking of their own. And because they can not achieve all that they want, people always feel anxious and unsatisfactory.

The book with the title “Buddha’s teaching on human behavior” released by the Time Publishing House in July, 2014, and written and complied by author Mai Anh. The book includes collected and selected stories in the Buddhist sutras which the Buddha Shakyamuni taught and preached to followers (from the time of his attaining enlightenment to the time of his passing away). He taught by profoundly stories, simple and powerful words and sentences for all people.

A small book consisting of short stories in real life hopes to convey meaningful messages and arouse the understanding and love to readers.

Dương Huyền