A short history of Evangelical Church of Vietnam (1911-1965)


The book “A short history of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam” was written by Pastor, Dr. Lê Hoàng Phu which is a monumental scientific works on the history of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN) (1911-1965).

Pastor Dr. Lê Hoàng Phu is a Protestant dignitary in the Church. He took theological training in both Vietnam and the US and held various posts in the church (both in Vietnam and abroad).

The book includes 8 chapters covering following contents:

Chapter 1: Issues and scope of research

Chapter 2: Historical background

Chapter 3: Background of religions in Vietnam

Chapter 4: Protestantism brought to Vietnam: the work of the Christian and Missionary Alliance

Chapter 5: Native church’s movement

Chapter 6: The ECVN in the Second World War and the War of Independence

Chapter 7: The ECVN in the Indochina wars

Chapter 8: Conclusion

The book is the doctoral thesis of the author represented at New York University, USA in 1972. It was translated and reprinted several times in the world. The Vietnamese translation was published in 2010 by Religious Publishing House on occasion of 100 years of Protestantism in Vietnam.

Thanh Minh