Awakening the Buddhist Heart


What is the Buddhist Heart and how to awaken it in ourselves? Whoever wants the answers to these questions?

Reading the book “Awakening the Buddhist Heart”, you will learn Buddhist experiences and specific practices for understanding of the Buddhist Heart.

In Awakening the Buddhist Heart, using down-to-earth, everyday experiences and stories, as well as specific ancient Buddhist practices, author Lama Surya Das illustrates how to develop authentic presence, how to connect to our own life experience, build deeper relationships, embrace life's lessons, as well as learn how to love what we don't like.  Surya Das also includes his translation of the rare and invaluable Thirty-seven Practices of a Bodhisattva - a timeless, legendary Tibetan text, along with his commentary.   

The 344 pages book by Lama Surya Das introduced by Hong Duc and Van Lang Publishing House in late 2014 is a useful book for whoever seeks enlightenment while living in this world.