Cultural features of Buddhism


Culture usually is as understood a way of life of a particular group of people in each region at a particular time. Culture also includes the physical and spiritual products created by human beings. The cultural features of Buddhism are part of a culture purified through times and blended with the Buddhist philosophy.

The book with the title “Cultural Features of Buddhism” presents the spiritual beauty of Buddhism expressed by Buddha's teachings on wisdom and love, the spiritual practices of Buddhists throughout 2500 years, and its impact on cultural activities such as literature, art, architecture, education, commerce, technology, military, laboratory science….. Through Buddhist cultural features, we can see shining values of compassion, wisdom, love and respect of life promoted the Buddhist philosophy, as well as the blend of Buddhism and culture of Vietnam.

The book “Cultural Features of Buddhism” by author Phụng Sơn was released by the Labor Publishing House on March 21, 2015.

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