Introduction: Caodaiism



Caodaiism is a religion, founded in Vietnam in the early twentieth century. The name Cao Dai in literal meaning is "a high place", in figurative meaning it is the highest place where God dwells; it is also a shortened name of God in the Cao Dai religion, which has the full title is "Cao Dai Tien Ong Dai Ma Ha Tat Bodhisattva. To respect, some of Caodaists consider their religion as the Sun.

Cao Dai believers think that God is the founder of the religion and the universe. All teachings, symbols and systems of organizations are directly specified by "Caodai". Caodaiism was enlightened directly through Co But for the Cao Dai believers with the task Đại Đạo Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ, which means that the great religion was evangelized the third time.
With the missionary work over seventy years, Caodaiism was disseminated pretty extensively. Caodaism’s principles are "Tam giáo quy nguyên, Ngũ chi hiệp nhất". It means that they take love as a foundation, take human as the motto, and take scarification to others as direction to build a moral and peace society. Cao Dai teachings enhance the miracle of But Co, holy. The rules of the Caodaiism are according to New laws, Pháp Chành Truyền. Caodaiism worship Thien Nhan (it means the Sun- the symbol of Duc Chi Ton of Caodaiism). The worship place is in Holy church of the Centre of religion and oratories at the religious organization. 
Caodaiism Q & A Book is the result of Common-law agency for General Doctrine. It aims at introducing Caodaism simply by answering basic background about Caidaism. The book was passed by Research council of Religious doctrine after repairing seriously. A small book contains a lot of content about Cao Dai for those who are interested in religion.