Unique Nang Han festival of White Thai ethnic group in Lai Chau


Nang Han Festival in Muong So commune of Lai Chau province’s Phong Tho district 2023 kicked off from March 5 to 6.


Nang Han Temple located in Tay An village, Muong So commune of Lai Chau province’s Phong Tho district

The festival aims to honor Miss Han – a female general of White Thai ethnic people and had great contributions in the battle against invaders.

The opening ceremony featured many unique activities such as traditional dances, Thai cuisine, folk games including Con throwing, stick push, tug-of-war, shuttlecock, shuttlecock, etc.

 According to Thai legend, Miss Han came from White Thai’s poor household in Chieng Sa (Muong So commune). When the enemy in the North invaded, she disguised herself as a man to fight the enemy.

She led the uprising of the 16 Thai ethnic groups and resolutely defeated the invaders. After victory, Miss Han bathed in Tay An water, Muong So commune and then flew back to heaven.


Taking water from Miss Han’s well by white Thai women

According to Vice Chairwoman of the People’s Committee in Phong Tho district Mai Thị Hồng Sim, the festival not only preserves cultural identities of ethnic groups in associated with tourism development, but also creates opportunities for ethnic groups to gather for cultural exchanges and folk games with a combination of traditions and temporary lifestyles.


Thai cuisine competition

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