Ho Chi Minh city: Local VBS offers consultations on graduation exam to students


The Youth Sub-Committee under the Central VBS Committee for Buddhist Propagation in collaboration with the city VBS’s Cultural Affairs Committee held a gathering for prayer and providing advises to students in preparation for the upcoming graduation examination at Pho Quang Pagoda’s hall in Tan Binh dist on May 17.

Attending the ceremony included Most Venerable Thích Tấn Đạt, Vice Chairmam of the Central VBS Committee for Buddhist Propagation; Venerable Thích Nhật Từ, Chairman of the city VBS’s Cultural Affairs Committee; teachers from universities and colleges as well as students from high schools in HCMC.

At the event, Venerable Thích Nhật Từ shared skills for exam preparation and relief of exam stress. He also gave advises on how to well do the graduation examination for students at the gathering.

In addition, the joining teachers considerately answered questions relating the upcoming exam raised by students, so as to help them to achieve best results in the exam.