Forum sharing information, propaganda initiatives & solutions for promoting female members in religious areas


The Vietnam Women's Union held on September 26 a forum on sharing and encouraging initiatives and solutions for information, propaganda and enlisting members in religious areas.

The event took place in Nam Dinh province in both in-person and virtual formats from 21 online connecting points nationwide.

The forum drew nearly 150 participants representing typical models, organizations and those having initiatives and solutions for attraction and gathering of female religious members in areas with large numbers of female religious followers in 22 provinces and cities.

As reported, over the past years, many initiatives and models for promoting social welfare for women and disadvantaged children have drawn a large number of female religious people. These initiatives and models supporting female religious people have focused on loan, poverty reduction, finding jobs and vocational training.  However, several new religious phenomena, superstitious activities, belief and religious abuse luring female religions through social media have caused difficulties in information and advocacy works.

During the forum, participants shared effective models and initiatives of the women's union in key religious areas, and gave comments on the development and duplicate of these models and initiatives in order to gather and promote the role of female religious members of the union in maintaining public security and social order, contributing to socio-economic development in the country.


Nguyên Hải