Đồng Nai: Workshop held for dissemination of the new Constitution to Buddhist dignitaries


On April 23, at the office of the Executive Board of Dong Nai Buddhism, the provincial Committee for Religious Affairs held a workshop for dissemination of the Constitution 2013 for more than 300 Buddhist dignitaries. 

Participants at the workshop

At the workshop, Buddhist dignitaries, monks and nuns were informed of civil rights, human rights and right to freedom of religion, which were clearly prescribed in the Constitution 2013. The constitutional prescription of these rights reflects the Party and State’s consistent policies in recognition, respect to and guarantee of human rights, including the right to freedom of belief and religion.  

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Huỳnh Văn Tới, Member of the Executive Board of Dong Nai province Party Committee, Head of Party Committee’s Board for Communication and Education emphasized that, for implementation of the new Constitution, religious dignitaries need to intensively and extensively propagate the Constitution’s contents and its significance to religious followers for their understanding and implementation, show good examples in compliance with the Constitution and laws./.