Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Vũ Chiến Thắng receives French Religious Affairs Advisor


Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Vũ Chiến Thắng on July 4 hosted a reception for Ambassador Jean-Christophe Peaucelle, Advisor for Religious Affairs under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.

At the visiting reception

Joining the event included Vice Chairman of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs Nguyễn Tiến Trọng.

Welcoming the guests, Deputy Minister Vũ Chiến Thắng shared about outstanding achievements in the state administration on religion, especially since the Law on Belief and Religion took effect in 2018, as well as affirmed that the Party and the State of Vietnam always pay due attention to legitimate needs of religious organizations.

Deputy Minister Vũ Chiến Thắng (R) and Ambassador Jean Christophe Peaucelle

The Deputy Minister highlighted practical contributions made by religious organizations to the construction and defense of the country, and religious resources mobilized in many field of social, health care, education, vocational training, etc.

He also informed the guests about the Vietnam - Vatican relations with the 9th round meeting of the two sides’ joint working group in the process of upgrading to the level of residential representatives. The official mentioned that although the Party and State of Vietnam have made efforts tireless to ensure right to freedom of religion for all people, the US put Vietnam on the Special Watch List for religious freedom in December 2022, and affirmed to clarify religious issues in order for the US Department of the State to better understand and remove Vietnam from the SWL in the coming time.

Deputy Minister Vũ Chiến Thắng introduces to Ambassador Jean Christophe Peaucelle to an updated White book on religions and religious policies in Vietnam and Law on Belief and Religion 

Speaking with the host, Ambassador Jean Christophe Peaucelle informed similarly that the French Government consistently implements a policy of respecting and ensuring the freedom of belief and religion, and the right to follow or not follow any religion, ensures equality and non-discrimination on the ground of religion or belief, including people deprived of citizenship, foreigners.

The Ambassador also had exchanges on difficulties in religious issues of both countries and expressed hope that the two sides would have further exchanges on religious issues in the coming time.

Posing for group photo

Anh Khôi