Unique “ceramics” pagoda in Bat Trang


Tieu Dao pagoda located in Bat Trang village in Hanoi City’s Gia Lam district was built a long time ago and used to be a famous scenic spot in the region.  

In 2011, the pagoda’s abbot and Giang Cao villagers rebuilt the pagoda with the idea of ​​bringing the spirit of the village’s traditional pottery craft into the pagoda architecture.


All places of worship of the pagoda’s founder, Mother Goddess, 18 Buddhist Arhats were “ceramicized”.


All pillars in the pagoda were covered with fine porcelain. Porcelain paintings were made with soft lines and crafted from the skillful hands of local artisans.


The space outside was decorated with statues of tales recreating the daily life of enlightened monks


Tops of the pagoda roof were dragon-shaped decorated with sunflowers made by intricately carved porcelain


According to Giang Cao villagers, the combination of pottery of craft village culture and spiritual architecture at Tieu Dao pagoda features a unique beauty and soul of the traditional craft village


Worshiping altar in patriarch hall


Letter on the roof of founder worshipping temple with three big words Phung To Duong (place for worshipping the pagoda’s founder)


At the center of founder temple is a ceramic statue of King Monk Trần Nhân Tông


One of two large dharmapala statues are crafted from ceramic with sharp carvings


Statue of dragon in Le Dynasty style made from ceramics


18 Arhats porcelain statues are placed on a ceramic painting of mountains and clouds with an area of ​​hundreds of square meters


Porcelain cladding pillars in the pagoda