Hanoi churches shine before Christmas Eve


Major churches in Hanoi - the Hanoi Cathedral, Cua Bac Church, and Ham Long Church – are brightly decorated with lights, statues of Jesus and Christmas trees.

Several days before Christmas Eve, Hanoians will flock to the Hanoi Cathedral to have fun and enjoy the beauty of thousands of shimmering lights.

The front of the church is decorated with a large star, which changes color continuously. It is the Star of Bethlehem. According to the Gospel of Matthew, this is the star that led the three wise men to Jerusalem. The star was always in front of them, leading the way and stopping at the place where Jesus was born.

The giant pine tree in front of the church is more than 20m high. It is built from a steel scaffolding system, covered with pine branches outside, decorated with many LED lights, decorative pearls, and snowflakes.

Next to the giant Christmas tree is a mock-up of the rock cave where Jesus was born.

At Cua Bac church, another large church in Ba Dinh district, parishioners stand in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary in the center of the church grounds.

The main gate of the church is decorated with miniatures depicting the time of Christ's birth with many intricate and eye-catching details.

The flower garden is also decorated with sparkling Christmas colors.

At Thai Ha Parish Church (Dong Da district), many pine trees are erected from the gate to the courtyard, surrounded by LED lights creating a brilliant scene.

The statue of Virgin Mary above the Bethlehem rock cave is covered with many LED lights at Thai Ha church.

Inside the church, people practice songs to perform on Christmas Eve.

Like many churches, Ham Long church (Hoan Kiem district) is decorated with lights, attracting many people to visit and take photos.

The path leading to Ham Long church is splendidly decorated with hanging lights, hundreds of stars and miniature scenes of Jesus' birth.

The Christmas atmosphere inside Hang Bot Church (Dong Da District).


Source: Vietnamnet.vn