Unique Buddhist statues of Thuan Hau pagoda in Nghe An


Thuan Hau pagoda, located on Thung Linh mountain, Bac Thanh commune, Nghe An province’s Yen Thanh district, was built in early Le Dynasty. The pagoda currently has unique Buddhist statues with cultural and historical values.  

Inside, there are valuable ancient statues including Samantabhadra statue in the pagoda’s main worshipping hall

The most unique statue is the baby Buddha statue with the height of 1 m

A meditative Buddha statue on the lotus with three colors of red, yellow and black

A Visakha statue – who is the Buddha's greatest patron and benefactor in the Buddha’s time

All statues in Thuan Hau pagoda were made of wooden with lacquer paintings

The pagoda also has several carved reliefs depicting the Buddha