Red silk-cotton flowers in full bloom


In March, people often think of the red silk-cotton flowers that signal a new crop and often remind them of joy and hope.  

Red silk-cotton flowers are in full bloom at Thay Pagoda. Located at the foot of Sai Son Mountain, Thay Pagoda lies in a tranquil and beautiful village, which is only around 40km west of Hanoi. (Photo: VNA)

Thay pagoda is usually blessed with picturesque scenery throughout March due to the sight of a red vibrant colour coming from the blossoming silk cotton trees. (Photo: VNA)

Springtime is the season for red silk-cotton flowers to bloom. Once the leaves fall to the ground, only the flower blossoms remain on the branches. (Photo: VNA)

Red flowers light up and make rural roads more romantic (Photo: VNA)